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Our Favorite Summer No-Gym Workouts

After horribly failing the 30-day No Snack Challenge in the office, the SOS team has shifted gears to committing to be more active. We tried going to the gym during the week, and we still do, but neither of us can say that we enjoy working out at the gym. That leads us to trying out new ways to exercise our bodies while having fun. We are determined to find a workout/workouts that can eventually turn into a long-term habit and hobby.


Sophia from the SOS team has been boxing consistently over the past few weeks. She has tried all kinds of workouts but boxing is the only one that she’s stuck with. Although it’s a super high-intensity full body workout, it doesn’t feel like chores! Instead of focusing on how long you have run, or how many calories you have burnt, you can just focus on throwing better punches and having better form instead. Plus, it’s a great stress reliever. She always leaves her boxing class feeling like a badass.


Sunset Yoga is part of our WeWork office’s ‘Wellness Wednesday’ benefits. It is an all-level yoga class that is held on the open WeWork terrace at 7 PM – the most perfect time of the day. Maggie from the SOS team has never tried yoga before and we have been talking about doing yoga together for the longest time. The instructor guided us through the entire class with each movement and pose, in a very calming voice over mellow music playing in the background. It is such a great workout because it works your muscles in a non-aggressive way; each pose requires strength from one or more muscle groups such as core, arms, back, glutes, etc. Yoga helps you become more aware of and in tune with your body. We left the class feeling very relaxed, both physically and mentally. Apart from the yoga, just lying there with the view of a sunset sky is such a precious, mind-healing moment.

Hip-Hop Dancing

The SOS team has been going to hip-hop dance classes for almost two months now. None of us were even close to dancers or ever taken any dance classes before. We went to our first Hip-hop beginner class without knowing what to expect except for an insane amount of awkwardness. After a couple classes and some late-night at-home self practices, we are feeling great about how much we have improved. Our favorite class is the All Level Groove at the Playground LA where we dance to different songs – no choreography. It is hands down the most fun cardio that gets you loosened-up and sweaty, without realizing that you are working out. Dancing really helps you explore your whole body from head to toe, and all the ways it can move, shapes it can make. In addition to stress-relieving, we can all agree that, at some level, dancing boosted our confidence in our body image, inside and outside of the dancing studio.

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