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Productivity Tips From The SOS Team


Productivity Tips From The SOS Team

It’s been a month since our WeWork office makeover. The new layout and decor have made a difference in the way we work. Our office now reflects our identity among the creative individuals at WeWork. Having an aesthetically-pleasing and organized work environment helps keep productivity up throughout the day. Below the SOS team share their personal tips and favorite products to help maximize work flow.

For the Content Creator

As a creative, Sophia Li does a lot of editing on her laptop. It is essential for her to have a good mouse that is ergonomically designed to be used for hours. This Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse is a practical choice, which helps keep her wrist from becoming too strained. She also recommends having good earbuds like these Jabra Elite Wireless Earbuds to block out any distractions while she edits. She prefers this particular brand because they do a better job with noise cancellation.

For the Executive Assistant

Gillian, Aimee’s Executive Assistant, swears by her trusted notebook and friction pen. When asked why she sticks to a traditional pen and paper, it’s because it makes for easier note taking when she’s on a phone call or on the go. Gillian likes to carry her Pilot Frixion Pen – an erasable pen that lets her neatly organize the SOS calendar, along with these Post-it tabs.

For the Social Media Intern

Patricia likes drinking matcha for caffeine instead of coffee – no weird stomach aches, no crash. She plans her day ahead, making important decisions in the morning and then does lighter 🧠 tasks in the afternoon, this way she uses up the energy from caffeine more efficiently. She and her stomach recommend the Jade Leaf Organic Japanese Matcha Powder. A tablespoon goes a long way.

For the Editorial Intern

When the afternoon gets slow, Maggie finds herself turning on some tunes on Spotify. Her recent favorite playlist is Pollen which features a mix of genres that keep the mind refreshened with every song. If you haven’t already, check out Playground by Steve Lacy. Her other go-to playlist is 1o Songs, which is created and updated weekly (sort of) by Sophia.

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