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How To Find Your Signature Scent

I love the idea of playing with fragrance as an element of my personal style. The very first Dior perfume I used was Miss Dior. This perfume was one of my staples growing up until Dani started using Miss Dior, and that fragrance became her signature scent. So, I graduated to using J’adore Dior, which has more sensual elements like jasmine and ylang-ylang. So far, all of the Dior fragrances I’ve tried have been amazing, including Poison Girl.  I’ve been meaning to try out Dior’s newest fragrance, Joy, ever since I saw a commercial of Jennifer Lawrence hanging in the pool advertising the fragrance so I was so excited when Sephora reached out to partner with me on this post. I love testing out new products at Sephora, because they make it so easy to find personalized products online if you’re running low on time and can’t get to a store. If I’m not spending money on food, the second place I’m spending money is probably at Sephora. It’s my go-to destination for fragrance, skincare, and any makeup product I could ever think of.

Dior’s newest perfume, Joy‘s scent is exactly what the name sounds like: it’s warm, flowery, and has notes of musk, sandalwood, and mandarin.

The combination of citrus and exotic flowers reminds me of endless, warm days, so I love spritzing on a drop (a drop goes a long way) and daydreaming about summertime – especially now that L.A. is starting to cool down and we’re getting ready for the holidays.

Joy's scent is exactly what the name sounds like: it's warm, flowery, and has notes of musk, sandalwood, and mandarin.

This time of year can be overwhelming when it comes to thinking about gifts, so I love shopping for fragrances from Sephora for my family and friends. I find that no matter how big or small your budget is, perfume is always such an elegant gift choice, and there are so many choices when it comes to fragrances.

You can also find rollerball perfumes for under $40, like this mini Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet. They’re a great option for meaningful gifts at an affordable price. I personally Plus, Sephora is my top pick when it comes to purchasing perfume because they make it so easy to have a personalized shopping experience online. Here, it only takes five steps to find the best fragrance for you or your loved one.



This post is in Partnership with Sephora.

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