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5 NYFW Fashion Trends That You Can Adopt Now


I just got back from New York Fashion Week where so many new voices and fashion veterans showcased their SS19 collection. I always get so inspired after seeing the shows and want to wear the trends immediately. However, because the items shown on the runway are meant to be for the next season, it’s not possible to wear the items for many months. For those who are impatient like me and want to wear the brand new trends as soon as they come out, I found 5 trends from NYFW that can easily be incorporated into your fall and winter wardrobe right now.Goodbye mini bags, oversized bags are in. I kept seeing oversized bags over and over again this season. I am really excited about this trend because as much as I love my mini bags, they are not very practical for carrying things. I can now finally carry all my personal belongings while making a statement. The key to pulling off this trend is to tuck the bag under your arm like an oversized clutch. This trend is very accessible as there are many oversized bags available. Baggu is a good brand for simple affordable totes. Here are 4 options that I like:1. H&M Large Suede Shopper Bag
2. Baggu Denim Tote
3. Simon Miller White XL Lunch Bag
4. Topshop Leopard Print Tote Bag

Patchwork was a huge pattern trend all over the runway this fashion week. I wore a Cinc a Sept patchwork midi dress while I was at The Hamptons and did a patchwork guide a month ago.Patchwork pieces are worth buying now because you can wear them for fall now and wear them again in spring and summer. I especially like these pieces:1. Tory Burch Patchwork Dress
2. ASOS Patchwork Romper (On sale for $30 right now)
3. Topshop Scarf Print Maxi Dress ($100)
4. Topshop Print Midi Dress ($95)

Metallic knits were a mainstay at Marc Jacobs and Phillip Lim. Incorporating the metallic texture into your outfit will make it instantly more interesting. Metallic sweaters like this from & Other Stories or this from are a great addition to any fall or winter wardrobe and will last well into the spring.
1. & Other Stories Copper Metallic Sweaters
2. Urban Outfitters Silver Metallic Pants 
3. Revolve Metallic Knit Mini Dress
4. Revolve Metallic Ribbed Knit Body Suit

Light and white denim pieces were all over the runway during fashion week. Great denim pieces are always a good investment, so I selected some pieces below for you to choose from.1. Reformation Light Denim Straight Leg Jeans
2. Eckhaus Latta Ombre Wide Leg Jeans
3. Topshop Denim Jacket
4. Levi’s Light Wash Denim Mini Skirt

I’ve been mismatching my favorite earrings for a while now and I was so happy to see this trend on the runway. I think it makes any outfit look so special and unique. Designers from ADEAM to Phillip Lim to Oscar de la Renta showcased some beautiful examples of mismatched and asymmetrical earrings. You can simply pair 2 different earrings together or these are some great mismatched earrings options:1. & Other Stories Asymmetrical Earrings
2. Mango Wooden Asymmetrical Earrings
3. Mango Mismatched Pearl Earrings
4. Mango Minimalistic Gold Earrings
5. Jacquemus Mismatched Earrings

Graphic by @rocketfuelcollective


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  1. I dunno why but the mismatch earring trend really bothers. But I guess if your pairing that with patchwork, there’s so much going on you won’t really notice. Atowle|

  2. I loved this post! It was so helpful since I was looking for something similar. It’s so cool that since you’re able to go to the shows you then share what you saw with us! Would love to see more of this kind of post!

    Mariona xx