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Beaded Bags that are Summer’s Day-to-Night Trend

August 21, 2018 - 24 Comments

Beaded bags are the latest bag trend, and I am all for it. It’s the perfect accessory to elevate a casual jeans and t-shirt look, or to make a statement on a night out. My favorite part is that no matter what you’re wearing, you can pair it with any outfit and feel instantly more trendy.I first saw beaded bags from Susan Alexandra’s collection (left photo). She is known for her fun, eccentric designs like her iconic watermelon bag (affordable version here). Another designer that jumped on the beaded bags trend is Shrimps (right photo). They offer more elevated pieces, like this Shrimps Gold Faux Peral Beaded Bag. I carried a Shrimps beaded handle bag during the last Paris fashion weekAimee Song, Fashion Blogger of Song of Style, talks about beaded bags which are summer's hottest day-to-night-trend at the moment.Other than those two brands, there are tons of other options on the market right now. For those who love wearing fun colors, I recommend this Etsy Leopard Beaded Bag or this Topshop Rainbow Beaded Bag. Or if you have a more simple and neutral style, try this Mango Wooden Beaded Bag, or this Clear Beaded Bag. (You know I love anything PVC so I’m clearly obsessed with this bag!)
If If you’re tired of seeing so many wicker bags, try adding a beaded bag to your wardrobe for something new. They are generally very affordable, and easy to find (this one from Amazon is only $14)! Or, you can check out Etsy for some unique designs. I’ve selected 14 for you that I like. Check them out below:1. Topshop Rainbow Beaded Bag
2. Topshop Beaded Knit Top Handle Bag
3. Susan Alexandra Beaded Watermelon Bag
4. Shrimps Gold Beaded Bag
5. Mango Wooden Beaded Bag
6. Mango Bicolor Beaded Bag
7. Amazon Beaded Triangle Bag
8. Etsy Pearl Beaded Bag
9. Etsy Cherry Beaded Bag
10. Etsy Leopard Beaded Bag
11. Mango Clear Beaded Bag
12. Mango White Beaded Shopper


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