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Here’s what happened when I Tried Intermittent Fasting + What I eat in a week

July 17, 2018 - 26 Comments

Recently I’ve been having low energy and gained 9, yes 9, pounds from all the good food I’ve eaten in my travels. I was so tired of feeling sluggish that I researched different diet techniques to help me feel better about what I’m eating. Through all my research on a plethora of diet techniques, I found the intermittent fasting diet. I decided to give it a try. Now before you say fasting is starving, I can assure you it is not. To be honest, I love food and could never starve myself to feel good. Fasting is a controlled way to eat healthy foods during certain periods of the day. This way when I don’t eat during other periods of the day, my body burns stored fat as energy to power me through the time I don’t eat. So for 8 hours a day I ate, ate, and ATE and then for the hours I couldn’t, I didn’t. Below you will see my entire experience recorded and will find out if this method of intermittent fasting worked for me.

7:30am – Celery Juice, 1 package of blueberries, 1 apple12:00pm – Popcorn broccoli
2:30pm – 1 toro (tuna) hand roll, tuna sashimi, albacore sushi, salmon sushi
4:30pm – 10 chocolate coconut balls
6:00pm – 1 banana

12:00pm – 2 apples, 2 packages of blueberries
1:30pm – 3 handful of almonds, 15 chocolate coconut balls
3:00pm – 1 lbs of grilled sea bass with olive oil, 1 avocado7:30pm – Beet hummus, 2 giant broccolis

12:00pm – Celery juice, 1 apple, 1 package of blueberries, beet hummus, broccoli, 2 chocolate coconut balls
5:00pm – 1 Apple, 1 package of blueberries
7:30pm – 1 Cod, guacamole (made with 2 avocados), broccoli
8pm – Mango

11:00am – Celery juice
12:00pm – Apple, blueberries, sunflower seed
3:00pm – Falafel, hummus, zucchini, tabbouleh, 4 pieces of pita bread, chips and guac, iced mint green tea
6:00pm – 2 packages of blueberries
7:00pm – 2 whole broccoli, roasted carrots, beet hummus, falafel, cod with grilled onions and garlic

Morning: Workout with my trainer Cedrick
11:00am – Celery juice
2:00pm – Leftover falafel, beet hummus, carrots, broccoli
4:00pm – 3 pieces of chocolate coconut balls
7:00pm – Salmon with onions, 1 whole avocado

Morning: Workout with trainer Danny
8:00am – Smoothie (made with apple, blueberry, celery, plant-based protein powder)
2:30pm – Cafe Gratitude chips and guac, hummus with carrots, french fries, curry bowl (sweet potatoes, quinoa, curry, kale and red lentil dal)

For dessert- Coconut cake pie (coconut custard, dark chocolate swirl, date crust) and gluten-free chocolate chip walnut cookie
7:00pm – Carrots and broccoli

This was the day I traveled to New York.
7:00am – 2 Raw bar
10:00am – Raw bar, 2 packages of blueberries
6:00pm (PST) – Steamed veggie, cauliflower rice, kimchi, beets, olive oil and basil dressing

Everything I wore in this video:
Rixo London Wrap Dress (similar here)
Koral Activewear Net Sweatshirt (also available here)
White LA Hat (available in blue here and black here)
Levi’s White Button Down Shirt (similar herehere, and affordable version here)
8 Other Reasons Earrings (hoop version here, square version here, and similar here, affordable version here)
Céline Initial Necklace (similar here and affordable version here)
Under Armour Black Long Sleeve Shirt (similar here and here)
White Sweatshirt (similar here)

Try out some of my recipes:
1. Raw Bar Recipe
2. Chocolate Coconut Balls
3. Popcorn Broccoli 
4. Sweet Potatoes
5. Pumpkin Pancake Recipe

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