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The Father’s Day Gift Guide for Any Dad

May 30, 2018 - 31 Comments

Aimee Song, fashion blogger of Song of Style, shares her father's day gift guide of 2018 in this exclusive shopping guide.We all know I love my dad, Kevin Song. He has taught me so much, but he has always set my standards high from never forgetting to open the door to taking me out to dinner. He has defined what it means to be a great man. So this Father’s day, of course I’m going to treat him to a gift he wants (and promote his new Instagram so go follow @kevinsong because there is some exclusive content you don’t want to miss haha).
Aimee Song, fashion blogger of Song of Style, shares her father's day gift guide of 2018 in this exclusive shopping guide.Father’s day is only a few weeks away! From technology, clothes, to useful tools, give your dad something he would really appreciate. I curated a selection of Father’s day gifts for any dad (including the guy who might want nothing at all). Hope this helps give you ideas!

1. Apple Watch: This is a memorable gift to get your dad if he is into technology. He can sync it up with his phone and the best part is the watch is a slick design.
2. Vitruvi Diffuser: I have this at my home and you can pick a scent to fill the room. They have heavier scents which is great for any dad.
3. Nike Air Max: I think these sneakers are so stylish for any dad to wear. An added bonus is that they’re comfortable.
4. Fitbit: This is a gift for the dad who loves to work out. It’s useful in telling your heart rate and getting your daily steps in.
5. Amazon Echo: The girls at my work were just saying how this would be such a good gift. You can use Alexa to play music, reorder from your Amazon account, and set reminders.
6. Braun Electric Shaver: I actually gave this shaver to Jacopo a year ago and he uses it all the time. What man doesn’t like a new shaver?
7. Airpods (affordable version here): If your dad loves to listen to music, then this is a great upgrade from his basic earbuds.
8. Patagonia Jacket: I picked this because my dad likes clothes and I think I’m going to get him this jacket in green!

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