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Yes, you can now wear track pants to work.


Track pants are about the comfiest pants you can wear all year round, but it can be hard to find a cool pair to wear that look chic and not like you just worked out. I recently wore a sick pair while flying to Japan and I have to say that was the best decision because I’m not a huge sweatpants fan, but these were an ideal alternative. They’re understated, yet can look ultra cool with a cream sweater or a cool tee. Team SOS has been wearing them to work and to be honest, they pull them off in an office environment and you can too. Below I’ve linked some high end and high street track pants that you can wear without looking like you just went to the gym.1. ASOS Track Pants
2. ASOS Side Stripe Track Pants
3. Pam and Gela Green Velvet Track Pants
4. Tommy Jeans Track Pants
5. Pam & Gela Rainbow Track Pants
6. Fred and Sibel Track Pants
7. Nike Drawstring Track Pants
8. Urban Outfitters Side-Stripe Flare Pants


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  1. Clara says on April 9, 2018

    Love this look, Miss Aimee “Why I Protest” Song! Will you be publicly addressing Stefano Gabbana’s comment that he wouldn’t want a Japanese to take over his brand? Or do you only “protest” (lol) when it’s #sponsored by Dior? Maybe leave the social justice issues to people with an IQ higher than 60 and keep doing what you do best, which is being an influential sellout xx