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How To Layer Gold Necklaces


If there is one thing you can count on me for, it’s to wear gold necklaces. If you scroll on my Instagram, you probably won’t find one photo of me not wearing gold necklaces. My most worn pieces are the Chloé initial necklace, the Cinco store ginger coin necklace or something super dainty like this. They’re a staple piece that can easily be layered. The beauty of them is the versatility they give you. I can wear them with every single outfit. You even rock some on vacation like I did in Utah with my Cinco square pendant necklace and my Lovers + Friends twist sweater (similar here).
I layered multiple necklace with an open blazer when I was in Paris for couture week. I wore an Armani beige blazer (similar here and affordable here) with a locket necklace (similar here) and my Chloé initial necklace.I’ve even paired a lock necklace (similar here) with my last name necklace (affordable here) just with a simple black top.

Either way, they are the jewelry essential you cannot be caught without. When it comes to buying necklaces, I think it’s better to invest a little bit more money for a high-quality one because you can get so much wear out of them. (They don’t have to be super pricey, you can find good quality necklaces at around $50-$60 range). The problem I find with cheaper gold necklaces is that they start to fade or leave a green tint on your skin just after 2-3 wears. Right now the affordable ones I really are from Natalie B Jewelry. Below are a couple options I selected for you to curate your own gold necklace collection.

1. Mimi & Lu Star Necklace
2. Natalie B Jewelry DEA necklaces
3. joolz by Martha Calvo Warrior Coin Set Necklaces
4. The M Jewelers Initial Necklace
5. Child of Wild Celestial Stars & Moon Necklace 
6. Natalie B Jewelry Angel Necklace
7. Natalie B Jewelry Round Necklace 
8. joolz by Martha Calvo French Quote Necklace
9. Natalie B Jewelry Lady Guadalupe Necklace
10. Natalie B Locket Necklace


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  1. I really like the way yo style your golden necklace. TBH I started to buy cute golden jewelry because of you. I also agree with you, is always better to invest a little bit more in gold than in something that may be worth for a couple of times.

  2. Jenna says on April 16, 2018

    With so many chain necklaces, how do you store them to keep them from getting tangled? Do you have one of those hanging stands similar to dept. stores?

  3. Thanks for sharing this! You might want I expand your collection with travel themed trinkets! Check ou Jet Set Candy! Destination luggage tags and movable charms from every country! You can certainly collect and stack!

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