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The Perfect Vacation Dress in Amangiri, Utah


Can we just take a moment to appreciate this Majorelle yellow ruffled dress (similar here and here)?! I wore it recently on the Revolve trip to Amagiri, Utah. Majorelle is a brand started by Rachel Zeilic. I have admired Rachel’s work for years even when she was at Style Stalker and The Jetset Diaries. She makes the dreamiest vacation dresses so when I’m going to a destination I know she will have something for me to wear. Also, a lot of her dresses include a leg slit, but this one only has it in the back instead. The ties on the tops make it sweet and the pattern is very feminine. The ruffles on it blew in the wind giving it a pretty movement (you can see it on my instagram).To keep it casual I paired it with Raye transparent sandals (similar here and here). These were simple enough to not distract from my dress.Then I used this Sensei Studio beaded bucket bag to carry around (And low key guys it was so fun to twirl with the beaded tassels on it!).

Majorelle Nikita Yellow Dress (similar here and here)
Raye Transparent Sandals (similar here and here)
Sensei Studio Beaded Bag


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