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Paris Fashion Week Diary: Chloe & Isabel Marant


Day 4 of Paris I woke up to a snow day and was excited because I was going to see two of my favorite brand’s collection – Chloe and Isabel Marant. Whenever people ask me if I could wear only 3 brands/designers for the rest of my life, who/what would the choices be? I always tell them it’s Chloe, Isabel Marant, and Self-Portrait.This is my second time seeing Natacha Ramsey-Levi’s Chloé collection. I was super excited because I have been a fan of Natacha since her days at Balenciaga. If you asked me my favorite designers years ago I would have said Nicolas Ghesquière who worked with Natacha at Balenciaga where she was an intern. Now Nicolas designs for Louis Vuitton and Natacha worked there as well. You can see her influences from both Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton. She has evolved the Chloé girl from a free-spirited, feminine girl to a strong, confident girl with a feminine touch. I went to the showroom and I always seem to pick feminine dresses from Chloé but I decided to switch it up this season. I chose from the Pre Fall collection a very everyday look with a metallic turtleneck (I wear metallic sweaters so much that I even have a shopping guide here). The sweater went well with the pleated mini skirt.Since it was cold I was happy to wear snakeskin textured gladiator boots with thigh-high scrunched down socks. The lower heel of the boot made them comfortable and the socks kept me warm. At the last minute, I grabbed a red baseball cap before I left the showroom. Lucky I did because I woke up to crazy hives that morning (I tried covering them but I was not feeling it) and it started snowing so it made perfect sense to be in a red baseball cap. The layers kept me so warm and against the cold, I felt like a warrior.

Chloé Metallic Turtleneck (similar here)
Chloé Pleated Mini Skirt
Chloé Gladiator Boots
Chloé Red Hat
Chloé Drew Bijou Bag (similar here)

Photos by Anastasija Je

I then went to the Isabel Marant show at night. Marant has never failed to make her collection radiate cool Parisian girl vibes. This show though was not only Parisian style but it was entirely inspired by the American West making it almost a fusion of both Paris and the wild, wild West. To be fair, Marant has always liked a western style boot and snakeskin in past collections but what I loved about this one in particular was she revamped some of her shoe styles with metal cap-toes and used Southwest, nomadic prints in her fabric choices.For the show I wore an Isabel Marant metallic blouse with Isabel Marant black patent leather pants (similar here). I liked mixing the textures together making it unexpected. Ahn did my hair this day and included dainty gold pieces throughout my hair. My hairdo actually helped me pick my earrings (the video for that is here to see how I chose my earrings for my hair haha).

Isabel Marant Metallic Blouse
Isabel Marant Black Patent Leather Pants (similar here and here)
The Volon Cindy Bag (similar here)
Roger Vivier Strass Mule Pump (similar here)



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  1. Georgia says on March 5, 2018

    Hives or no hives, it all comes down to how you manifest your unique style and the way your outfits always translates into the strong powerful woman you have evolved into. Well done!!

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  3. I have been so excited to see Natacha Ramsey-Levi at Chloé and as you say influences from both Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga can be seen in her now two collections.
    Loving how you layered that Chloé look. Paris has been so cold and I find it hard to stay both chic and warm! :) <3

  4. Oh my, my, my! You look absolutely beautiful in that Chloé outfit! I adore that top with the ruffle details and contrasted pink, so pretty. It looks so good with the skirt and I love the juxtaposition with the addition of those edgy knee high boots. I love that you created an outfit that signifies the new direction Chloé is going in, very strong and confident and you can see that feminine touch with the top and skirt. Perfect styling, as always, Aimee! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great week!