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Winter Skin Remedy with Olay Whips


 It is no secret that I am obsessed with skincare. Having always struggled with sensitive skin and eczema, it is important for me to stay on top of my skincare routine. I am constantly traveling and in the winter, my skin can get really dry. I obsessively moisturize my skin as a way to help this.
For me, I use Olay whips because it is not super greasy or too thick. It is a great moisturizer for someone looking for one that absorbs oils in your skin, for a dewy finish. It goes on really light so I use it right before I put on makeup or sometimes even on top throughout the day. When I put it on it has a cooling sensation against my skin and I especially like that feeling in the mornings. The texture is light and that of whipped cream so it was soothing to put on. You can find the entire Olay whips collection at Target online or in store.
Wearing a Zimmerman polka dot cami (similar here) with a pair of Asceno striped silk pants (similar here).

Olay Whips
Zimmerman Polka Dot Cami (similar here)
Asceno Striped Silk Pants (similar here)


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  2. Honestly my skin is pretty sensitive too and that’s why I usually just stick to one brand rather than trying a whole bunch of different ones. But since you have sensitive skin as well, I might give this product a try!

  3. I’ve recently started paying more attention to my own skincare regime. Trying to find what works for you with your personal skin type can be such a journey. Thanks for the recommendation.

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