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Oversized Cream Sweater and knit pants for NYFW


This morning I didn’t know what to wear, but I was in a rush as always and since I knew I needed to stay warm against the frosty elements, I picked my new oversized Celiné cream knit sweater (similar here and here). I got this in Paris and was excited to wear it in the cold. The exaggerated arms that cuff add drama to the simple knit sweater plus it’s such a good neutral color that I knew it would be a lasting staple in my closet. Since this was the first thing I decided to wear (If you follow my Instagram story you know I packed super last minute.) I paired the sweater with a similar toned Nanushka cream wide leg pants (similar here and here). These pants fit like a glove and matched my sweater to create a monotone look. I also love that it basically feels like sweatpants. So comfy.Usually I plan a week ahead what I will be wearing each day at NYFW, but this season my whole energy and focus was more on creating quality video content (for you guys!), so i didn’t spend as much time to style myself. Since I didn’t plan out any of my fashion week outfits ahead, when I was packing in a rush, I made sure to bring a bunch of pieces that were similar in tone so that I can easily mix and match. I didn’t plan this monochromatic look ahead but this Rebecca Taylor faux fur jacket (similar here) matched my monotone outfit while giving cruelty free texture to the overall outfit. I wore my Joseph snakeskin boots (similar here) to add a pop of subtle pattern. They are incredibly comfortable to walk around all day and I’ve been definitely getting a lot of use out of them.To break up the monotone look, I opted to wear a Poppy Lissiman red slim sunglasses (similar here). These sunglasses are my latest obsession because as you know, I’m really into micro sunglasses as seen here. I’m also carrying my new Chloe bijou quilted leather bag (similar here). The silver hardware looks sleek with the orangey tan quilted bag. This bag was able to carry everything I need from invites and my phone to chapstick and my wallet. Your accessories should pack a punch when going monotone and both of these bright pieces added a much needed vibrant splash of color to my look.

Celiné Sweater (similar here and here)
Nanushka Pants (similar here and here)
Rebecca Taylor Jacket (similar here)
Poppy Lissiman Sunglasses (similar here)
Chloe Bag (similar here)


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  1. Lindsay Reid says on February 12, 2018

    Aimee, always LOVE your jewelry, can you start linking some of your newer pieces, like these beauty hoops!! Looked through all your new posts and couldn’t see them mentioned anywhere. xx

  2. I love the monotone concept!
    This whole winter my brother has been going on about how his new blue padding doesn’t go with his blue jeans so he refuses to wear the same color outfit, but they’re BOTH blue – how can they not match?! I love this post cause it shows that monotone is a thing.

  3. I love this monochrome outfit, Aimee! The mix of textures is so good. You look cozy and chic, both of which aren’t always easy to achieve in one look. I also love how you’ve added those snakeskin shoes, which are a bit unexpected and totally work. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great weekend!



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