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Friday Favorites – How To Start The New Year Off Right


New Years resolutions are like hitting refresh. You get to start new journeys, healthy habits, and make a positive change in your life. If you want to be inspired to make some resolutions, I posted some of mine as well as my teams right here. But keeping these resolutions can be hard. For my Friday favorites I have included some new items that will help keep your resolutions on track as well my favorites of the week!
1. Gucci Leather Loafers – I finally caved in and bought a pair of Gucci loafers. But instead of the black version, I went for the all white leather ones. I love how minimal the loafers look and how versatile they are! I found a similar and affordable version for you guys here. And if you want some outfit inspo you can check out my latest blog post here.
2. Racil Velvet Duster Coat – I’ve mentioned this brand before (you can check out my favorites video here where I mentioned their blazers). They make the prettiest velvet coats and jackets and they’re on sale right now! This coat is sold out in green color but you can check out the red version here 50% off, pink version here 30% off and the short green coat here 30% off.
3. 5 Minute Journal – What better way to stay accountable for what you’re doing than a cute journal? Writing down your thoughts and you’re actions everyday can motivate you to make better habits to reach your goals. If you want to do this on your phone, you should download the Five Minute Journal app.
4. Manolo Blahnik Satin Crystal Mules – I’m an independent woman and can buy my own shoes, but these Manolo’s were a gift from Jacopo and I couldn’t be more happy and proud! I found some similar and affordable versions for you guys here and here.
5. Personalized Make Up Case – I like a really sturdy make up case because most of my skincare products are oil based or serums and I don’t want them to spill everywhere. Plus, I splurge on my make up so I want to make sure it doesn’t get ruined. If you’re looking for something that is good for traveling but also for everyday use I highly recommend this one or this one!
6. Laura Gellar Illuminating Stick – This is my go-to highlighter and it’s about time I feature it! Especially since all of you guys have been asking me after my recent Style by Number video went up. This highlighter on it’s own gives a nice subtle glow, but I love to layer highlighters and  usually use Maybelline master chrome or Laura Mercier face illuminator on top.


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  1. Almost all the words of wisdom are based on human experience thousands of years ago and this is indeed true. Apart from experience, usually the word wise is also made by wise people so it can be accepted by the wider community

  2. Hey Aimee! I’m glad you created this type of post, it’s fun! I would love to know how you keep your white mules in tip top shape as it would be cool to have a pair, but I’m a clutz and wouldn’t be able to keep them clean with no scuffs. I love how you styled them! So minimal! I also have a journal I keep forgetting to quickly jot down my thoughts, but you reminded me. Thanks!

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  5. Maria Palma says on January 5, 2018

    The moment I saw the picture I thought that journal seemed familiar! I’ve been following Mimi Ikonn for a while now, and she and her husband frequently show quotes from it. It’s nice to know your opinion on it, too :)

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