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Faux Fur Coat For Staying Warm In New York


As many of you guys know, it is no secret how much I love New York. It is a magical city during the holidays with all the twinkling lights and festive spirit. Having my boyfriend live there also makes the city that much more special. But can I just say the winters are brutal! I swear you guys I have not been this cold in I don’t know how long. It was actually in the negatives at night! Since it was absolutely freezing I had to layer up and be smart about what I packed. This faux fur jacket is vintage (similar here and here) and is ideal for bundling up for the chilly weather. I highly recommend investing in one because I have been wearing it on repeat in the harsh winter months when in colder climates. I had to wear a velvet blazer (similar here and here) underneath to keep warm because faux fur is not as warm as real fur but still looks just as luxurious. I opted for a Lou & Grey red turtleneck (it’s sold out but a super similar here) because I love a pop of color and with slicked-back hair I needed to keep my neck warm while showing off my Fallon silver hoop earrings. The pants I’m wearing were so comfy because of the split hem making it easy to lace up my boots. These Tibi split hem pants (similar here) are a must-have. The track bottom of these Louis Vuitton boots (affordable version here) helped me walk on the icy sidewalks. Since I just don’t like being dragged down by a big bag, I used this Chloe pixie bag, it is a great on-the-go bag and the precise size of your phone and wallet.

Vintage Faux Fur Jacket (Similar here and here)
Velvet Blazer (Similar here and here)
Lou & Grey Red Turtleneck (Similar here)
Fallon Silver Hoop Earrings
Tibi Split Hem Pants (similar here)
Louis Vuitton boots (affordable version here)
Chloe Pixie Bag


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  1. thanks for sharing the best information about staying warm in new york and suggestions they very useful to us.You made a good site it’s very interesting and thank you so much for sharing I am searching in many sites for the solutions I get from this site.

  2. Oh my, I was just in NYC for a week, and the cold was unlike anything else I had ever experienced. And I love in Germany, our winters are by no means warm!! Tbh, I think I would have even frozen, with a part of my leg exposed at the bottom of the pants, like you have in these photos ahaha

    xx Julia


  3. Anna Waligora says on January 7, 2018

    beautiful set! love the shoes :)

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