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You Won’t Believe How Affordable This Coat Is


It’s never cold enough to wear a heavy coat in LA. I drove to a work-out class in the morning the other day and it was 50 degrees!! For east coasters this is nothing, but for a west coaster like me this practically translates to below zero. Which is why I am so happy this Mango brown faux fur coat came in the mail the night before. I wore it all day and I felt so extra but it was ok because the cold weather warranted it. Plus this coat is so warm I didn’t have to wear tons of layers. So I’m wearing my Two Songs Tits Out Tee (50% of the proceeds will be donated to Breast Cancer Research Foundation!), Frame Le Original jeans ($60 affordable here) and Chanel two-toned boots (Affordable here and under $100 here). You can shop my favorite slouchy boots here! If you live in LA then you already know this outfit is our uniform. No matter what season or time of year it is, a t-shirt and jeans will never go out of style! Mango brown faux fur coat
Two Songs Tits Out Tee
Frame Le Original jeans ($60 affordable here)
Chanel Two-Toned Boots (Affordable here and under $100 here)


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  1. This is such a gorgeous casual look. I love the way the photos are taken as well, I always learn a thing or two everytime I come here. tahnks Amiee!

    Love, Sachini x

  2. Literally drooling over that coat (and the price tag)! I am so tempted to buy it for myself…Why do you do this to me, Aimee?! I have Christmas presents to buy LOL

    Enclothed Cognition

  3. such a great fashion style!! i really impressed this outfits style you are really a done a great fashion styled job love your coat it’s looks so chic and cozy style and the combination of tee and boots amazing.

  4. Hi Aimee,

    As always, you look amazing in these photos!

    I had to google around a bit to translate your 50 degrees into Celsius, and I must say it’s basically nothing for us Finns. Besides the warm weather, I’d gladly move all those pretty palm trees here.

    Sending from Scandinavia!

  5. Your boots and coat are major pieces! You are looking so cool in this laidback combo! I’d never say that this is a combo you can wear in LA but even there it can get quite chilly at times.