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Red Monochrome & A Pop of Yellow


As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I’m all for the monochrome trend. For me, burgundy and reds are an easy one to do because it’s a good color with my skin tone, and I also happen to have a lot of clothing in that color which definitely doesn’t hurt. I brought back these red wide-leg Rachel Comey jeans (more affordable here) that I wore in multiple ways (here and here) over the summer. I paired it with a Chloe Pompom-embellished sweater (super affordable here and here), and then broke up the red with a mustard Chloe ‘Faye’ Bag (similar here and super affordable here), and white Joseph boots (affordable version here).
I just looked up an old photo of me back in 2015 carrying this bag in the summer! I remember when I first got this suede Chloe Fay bag with the snakeskin print couple of years ago, I was completely obsessed with it and carried it nonstop that eventually I got tired of it. Kinda funny how I got sick of it for awhile but now I’m back to carrying it!Jacopo was visiting me in L.A. for the weekend so we shot these outfit photos really quick on a Sunday. Living in L.A. it’s not that hard to find a bougainvillea bush but I got extra lucky to find a giant bush hanging over a fence that matched my outfit.  Chloe Pompom-Embellished Sweater (super affordable here and here)
Rachel Comey Jeans (more affordable here)
Joseph Boots (affordable version here)
Chloe ‘Faye’ Bag (similar here and super affordable here)

photos by my Jacopo Moschin


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  1. Oh girl, that burgundy suits you soo good! I’m obsessed with that sweater, it’s so beautiful. I can’t believe how burgundy and yellow are actually a good match!

    You really have a great luck to live in LA, it’s so easy to find a beautiful place to take shots.


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