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What To Get Your Health Obsessed Friend Who Loves Fitness

November 30, 2017 - 26 Comments

Between all the traveling I’ve done so far this year, I think I’ve done a pretty good job at eating healthy and keeping a steady workout. It’s not easy, but it’s so worth it! When I workout I feel like I have more energy to get things done plus working out always puts me in a great mood. While I was shopping for new workout clothes, I thought I would create a guide for that fitness obsessed friend (we all have one or two) or even for you! You’re on someone’s Christmas List too, right!? Plus, I think fitness-related gifts are perfect for Christmas because January is just around the corner and the beginning of the year is when everyone is motivated to start working on new fitness-related goals. Some of my essentials for working out are a pretty water bottle, a cute yoga mat, and a cool gym bag. But I’ve included cook books, towels, workout bands, and so much more! So whether your friend is a zen vegan who practices yoga every day, or your friend goes to the  gym religiously or maybe your friend suddenly decided to do a “New Year New Me” – I got you covered!

1.Kopari Coconut Sheer Oil – This is perfect for when you need that extra bit of hydration, but are looking for something more than your usual moisturizer. It’s light weight, packed with rich nutrients and it’s suitable for all skin types!
2.Grown Alchemist Antioxidant Facial Oil – Similar to the Kopari one, but this one has antioxidants, rosehip oil, and vitamin c, a, b1, b2, b6, and e – phew! So much goodness in this little bottle.
3.How Not To Die By Michael Greger – $19, I bought this book this year and my knowledge about health has elevated to the next level! It’s a very scientific book, so it might not be everyone’s first choice, but this book has so much information about nutrition, diet and mental health and I think that makes this book worth the read!
4.Cook Beautiful by Athen Calderone – $20 (I also love this book by Ellie Bullen) I mentioned both of these books in my Friday Favorites Video, so I don’t want to bore you guys. But if your friend loves to cook or is beginner like me, these cookbooks are the perfect gift. Extra bonus points for Ellie’s book, because hers is all vegan!
5.Touche LA x Morgan Stewart Sports Bra (matching leggings here) – I’m always looking for workout gear – hence the reason for starting this guide in the first place. But I can’t help it, I love working out in cute clothes. I found this one and I immediately fell in love with the color and the simplicity of the design. So cute and chic!
6.Sweat With Bec Booty Bands – $25 I own these and they really work! I take them with me when I travel, I just put the three bands in the little pouch that comes with the bands, and throw them in my suitcase, and voila! Gym-on-the-go. Each band has a different resistance so you can have a full body work out if you want.
7.Hand Towels – 2pk for $6! Hand towels always come in handy! Especially when I’m taking a pilates or hot yoga class. These towels are not only super affordable but they come in so many colors too!
8.Moon Juice Spirit Dust – $38 Anyone that knows me well, knows that I love to make smoothies! Especially in the morning after a workout. If your friend loves a tasty shake or smoothie then this will make a perfect gift for them! If your friend has a sense of humor like me  then they’ll also love the other versions they have too (like sex dust or brain dust).
9.Satisfy Black Gym Backpack – I’m really not into gym bags, because honestly most of them are too big or too small or have brand logos all over them.  But this one is so chic and cool! And it’s big enough to fit everything you need to take to the gym without looking like a huge duffel bag.
10.Yoga Zeal Marble Print Yoga Mat  – I have a pretty basic yoga mat, but now that I’m thinking about it, I need this mat! Plus, this mat also comes in pink.
11.Corkcicle Water Canteen (also love this one) – $33 I try to drink at least 20 oz of water a day. So rather than refilling up a small 12 oz water bottle a couple of times a day, I like to carry a large one instead! This one by Corkcicle is so pretty and comes in a variety of colors if pink isn’t your color. Or you can opt for this one, which I own and love because it can hold up to 32 oz of water!
12.Pop & Suki Personalized Make Up Case – I own a few Pop & Suki make up cases, not this exact one, but similar ones. They’re a little pricey, but some of my favorite skin care products cost more than this bag! So I think they deserve to be kept in a nice case. If your friend loves beauty products as much as I do, then  this make up case is worth buying because its sturdy and made of real leather.
13.Klorane Make up Remover Wipes – $13 I always wipe my face after I workout because the feeling of sweat clogging my pores gives me chills. Plus my skin is sensitive, so I try to keep my face as clean as possible. These wipes by Klorane are 100% biodegradable (mother nature will thank you!), free parabens, alcohol, sodium chloride, sulfates, and are fragrance free!

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