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What to Get For the Friend Who’s Decor Obsessed.


I know, I’ve yet to do a full house tour now that I’m living in my new house but I still have a long way to go with furnishing! Since I’m home for the holidays, I’ve been obsessed with decorating the house and filling it with things I love and look good. While working on a gift guide for Song of Style, I actually got sidetracked and started online shopping for my new house and decided to share my favorite products that would make the most perfect gift for your holiday host or anyone in your life that’s obsessed with interiors.
1. Nutribullet – My ultimate dream is a Vitamix but since it’s a bit too pricey, this will do.
2. Marble Jar $33
3. Mini Porcelain Dish – $2.99 This makes the perfect jewelry dish or even a soap dish.
4. “I love you” cup $18
5. Green Porcelain Cup $10 Imagine drinking coffee in this pretty porcelain cup.
6. Marble Salt & Pepper Holder $25
7. Keurig 2.0 or a Nespresso Machine
8. Anthropologie Wood Tray – omg, this petrified wood tray is so pretty! I’d love a few of these for odds and ends like mail, keys, lipstick

1. Tom Dixon London Candle Gift Set
2. Fredericks & Mae Palo Santo Incense $15
3. Areaware Totem Candle Set
4. Urban Outfitters Smiley Tin Candle $16
5. Jonathan Adler Muse Blanc Ceramic Candle – when I moved into my last house, I got this as a house warming gift and I loved the scent but after the candle burnt, I used it as a pot for my little succulent.
6.Madewell Ceramic Candle $26

1. Assembly Home Crewel Palms Pillow
2. Cold Picnic Torso Bath Rug – If you have a humor like mine, you need this.
3. Urban Outfitters Velvet Throw Pillow Nothing more luxurious than velvet during the colder months. I love throwing a few of these on the sofa. They’re on sale!
4. Wool Chunky Knit Blanket – I have the same blanket and everyone including my dogs are obsessed with it. As seen here
5. Anthropologie Tufted Daybreak Pillow My only regret is not getting more of these moroccan pillows while I was in Morocco.
6. Velvet Robe – Who says robes need to be basic?

1. Marble Wall Ar If you’re friend doesn’t have art, a good place to start is a marble print art.
2. Face Vase How cute and creepy is this face? I also have an amazing Jonathan Adler version of it
3. Yield Design Spun Bowl
4. Fredericks & Mae Playing Cards $10
5. Urban Outfitters LED Table Lamp
6. Turntable 
7. Urban Outfitters Adelphi Planter $14
8. Succulent Plant Pot Set -$17
9. Handbags: A Love Story by Monica Botkier $30
I love this book! Not only does it make it a beautiful coffee table book filled with stunning imagery but it’s also very informative and talks about so many great designers as well as the history of some of the most iconic ‘it’ bags.
10. Hip Haven Plant Holder


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  3. Thank you for sharing the link to that amazing pink blanket, I have been looking all over since I saw it on your instagram. Also, that face vase you have is amazing!!!! We are all anxiously awaiting your house tour! Please please please, that’s all we want for Christmas! lol. xx
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