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Mini Skirt & Turtleneck in Belgium


I can’t believe I’m already in a different country. I mean… I can, but wow everything goes so fast! My week in LA between Morocco and now was such a blur that it almost feels like I was just dreaming on the plane from Morocco straight to Belgium. That being said, I’m in Antwerp for the first time and it’s such a picturesque city! I had this idea in my mind that it would be really cold for some reason, but it was actually warm enough for me to be comfortable in this Frame Denim Skirt that I wore with my Tibi Blazer ($50 similar here) over an ASOS turtleneck. I also just got these Iro Knee High Boots (affordable here) that I might never take off.
Tibi Blazer ($50 similar here)
Asos Turtleneck
Frame Denim Skirt (similar here and here)
Iro Knee High Boots (affordable here)
Chanel Bag
Tiffany Necklace
Tiffany Earrings
Tiffany Bracelet


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  1. This is a great look and so perfect for travel. I often limit myself to a wardrobe in black with some metallic and colorful accents. It makes it so easy to pick out an outfit and look incredibly chic in your photos.