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The Best Way To Cook For Friends


Not going to lie, I am not the best chef ever… I know how to make one or two dishes really well, like kimchi fried rice and sweet potatoes (which isn’t even a meal, but I eat enough of them to be a whole meal). Ever since I moved into my new house, I have been wanting to cook more because I finally have a nice open kitchen space, but I just don’t have that much time with my travel and work schedule. I was excited when Blue Apron reached out to me, because I had been wanting to try out the service anyway! You choose which meals you want online, and then they deliver a box full of ingredients that are pre-portioned according to the recipe, and then you get to cook them yourself! It is perfect for me because it not only saves me trips to the grocery store, but I can actually learn to cook more since the instructions are so easy to follow. If you told me to cook spaghetti with shrimp without Blue Apron, I would have actually laughed out loud, but it turned out so good! If you guys decide you want to try it out, the first 50 people will get $30 off their first orderFor me, my favorite part is that the ingredients are pre-portioned. Like I said, I always want to cook, but apart from my busy schedule, when I actually have time to grocery shop, I don’t even know what to shop for. I always end up buying too much and then a lot goes to waste. It was so much fun cooking with Nicholas and Sophia. The packaging said that the recipe serves two, but we had plenty for the three of us. 

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