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Casual Camel Uniform for Fall


I’m so excited for fall, especially because I saw so many unique boots on the runway. From combat boots, embellished thigh highs, to ankle boots in bold colors and cool textures, but I think slouchy boots are going to be the “it” boots to wear this fall season. I got these Chanel boots (affordable version here, check out my favorite slouchy boots here) while I was in Paris and I don’t want to wear any other boots this fall – well maybe except for my black IRO ones! There are so many ways to wear slouchy boots, but since it’s nice and chilly in LA now, I’ve paired mine with J-Brand black jeans, a white t-shirt, and an IRO camel coat (similar here and here). Also, today is Halloween! Are you guys dressing up? I’ve been traveling so much that I got sick, so I’m not dressing up this year, but I am going to be passing out candy and it’ll be the first time I get to do that from my own house!   IRO Camel Coat (similar here and here)
White T-shirt
J-Brand Black Jeans
Chanel Boots (affordable version here)
Chloe Bag


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  1. The temperature is decent where I live so It’s not that cold yet and my fall uniform so far consists of a pair of jeans (really into mommy jeans at the moment), a white tshirt, ankle booties (combat pls!) and a jacket on top; same structure as this outfit! Also, I have been seeing your boots since the first vlogs of yours they appeared in and I’m absolutely obsessed!
    PS. Get well soon Aimee; orange juice and (plenty of) water are your besties!


  2. You’ve styled these boots so well Aimee! Im so petite so unfortunately the slouchy boot trend doesn’t really suit me but I feel you about wanting to live in boots – luckily it’s so cold in london it’s all I can really wear!

    I love that camel coat as well. I hope you feel better but have fun passing out candy! That will be so cute!!


  3. I’m loving the way you’ve styled those Chanel boots! The colors are so good and perfect for every and any outfit. I’m loving all the boot trends this season, too, all of which I feel are quite practical. Thanks for sharing, beauty, and I hope you have a great week ahead!