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Layered Jewelry & Off-The-Shoulder Knit


I’ve arrived in New York for fashion week! I got here a bit early, and today I’m running around to shops and showrooms to find some looks for the week! I’ve never been one of those people who prepares for things months in advance. I mean you know me…I finish packing an hour before my flight. For fashion week, I usually start preparing about a week or two before, but to be honest, I really didn’t have time this season since I’ve been traveling so much! So I pretty much didn’t bring anything to wear… That being said, this season I’m going to be as myself as possible. In the past, I always wanted to dress as trendy or wild as possible and I tried really hard. There’s nothing wrong with doing that at all and I love seeing the crazy cool outfits that people put together, but I just don’t have the time or energy needed for that this season. I’m sticking to my usual, every-day jewelry as well. My go-to pieces for a while have been these Monica Vinader bracelets, rings, and necklaces. Rose gold is my absolute favorite because I think it looks the best with my skin tone, and I’m obsessed with the Linear Bead Bracelets because you can get emojis custom engraved on them! (I got an avocado emoji on mine because you know I have to have avocado with me at all times). All of the pieces are simple and chic, and even though they have emojis on them, they look elevated. I’m also wearing rose gold Monica Vinader rings and the Baja Deco ID bracelet! The little ‘a’ necklace is from Monica Vinader too and I’ve had it for so long! I cant wait to go to the NYC store to check out more pieces! Monica Vinader Bead Bracelet
Monica Vinader ID Bracelet
Monica Vinader Diamond Alphabet Necklace
Monica Vinader Riva Mini Stacking Ring
Orseund Iris Sweater
AMO Denim Jeans
Jimmy Choo Sunnies
Dior Kitten Heel Pumps


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  1. Oh my god, I’m a failure as a fashion blogger. Fashion week just snuck up on me! But I’m totally jealous that you are getting to go. Have lots of fun, and take lots of pictures. I really love your shirt, it’s just so unique but it is still really trendy. It sort merges the Summer and the Autumn trends together in an awesome way. Thank you so much for sharing!