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Blue Velvet Blazer


My second day of shows was crazy with shows back to back to back. I started off the day with Public School, one of my favorite brands. I knew I wanted to wear something super stylish and street wear inspired because that is what Public School really emulates. I had just received this unreal Self-Portrait blue velvet blazer along with matching blue velvet shorts, which I felt would fit the vibe. I decided to be a bit edgier or I guess you can say a bit sexier and wear a bralette underneath the blazer which was from The Line by K. The Line by K is designed by my friend Karla Deras. I love her pieces because they’re so effortless. I wanted my shoes to be a bit more unexpected which is why I picked a pair of all-black Nike Roshes. For my shades I went with my Jimmy Choo’s which I’ve been wearing on repeat because they just go well with everything and most importantly fit my flat face. Since this outfit showed a lot of skin, I wanted to make sure my stomach looked defined. I achieved that goal by creating drawn on abs using the Kat Von D Shade + Light Face Contour Palette. The secret to making this ab contour look natural is to use a cool-toned contour color, and do A LOT OF blending. If you want to see the process of how I created abs using contour, check out this video on my YouTube channelSelf-Portrait Blazer
Self Portrait Shorts
The Line by K Bralette
Nike Roshe
Jimmy Choo Sunglasses


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  1. This was one of my favourite looks of yours from NYFW!

    I just wanted to pop a comment on here to share with you how much I loved your NYFW vlogs, and to thank you (and your team) for putting them together! I loved the insiders look you gave us on fashion week as well as tips on how to succeed in your industry, so many other people in the industry are so secretive about how they because successful. Most of all I want to thank you for your positive energy, and for reminding us that no matter how good you are at what you do, the way you treat people plays a big role on how successful you will be. I was always lead to believe growing up that being nice meant that I was soft, that those who are mean get more because they are willing to take it and step over other people to get to the top; I am a firm believer that kindness will get you a long way and that karma never forgets how you treat people, so thank you for showing others that kindness really is cool!

  2. I am in love with this velvet short suit set! The color is beautiful and I like how you styled it with a bra top inside. I definitely need to try your ab trick too! I personally love that you styled this look with sneakers bc let’s be honest here, NYFW will kill your feet if you’re in heels all the time and you are keeping it real! Plus the kicks are a nice balance from the formal and luxe look of the velvet suit. xoxo, Christine

  3. Hei Aimee!

    Love the spelling you use in your posts! It is very businesslike which tells me that this is really your job and you love it.
    Also I watched one of your vlogs with my mom and she instantly fell in love with you, we think that you are one of the genuine bloggers nowadays and it is really important also show the negative side of your job and talk about real things. Otherwise people think that your life is perfect and just dancing on roses, well nobody`s life isn’t! So thank you for being real, you are very warm-hearted and inspirational person. One example on that: You are the only blogger that I follow and shows her team and include them in your vlogs.

    love Nilla and mom