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Pajama Shopping Guide


You know that I can’t get enough silk pajamas. Actually, it’s one of the things that I can NOT stop buying. I have a drawer completely full of them (that you can see in this video), and yet I still get more all the time. They’re such good pieces to have, not only because they’re super comfortable to sleep in, but you can also style them into your wardrobe with jeans, trousers, a skirt, or a blazer for a number of different looks. I’ve listed my favorite ones out there right now!1. Equipment 
2. Topshop
3. Topshop
4. Christine Lingerie
5. Olivia Von Halle 
6. Asceno 
7. Asceno 
8. Eberjey
9. Chelsea28
10. Homebodii


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  1. I saw your recent closet tour on youtube and I’m the same way when it comes to PJ’s! I wear one a week and I think that’s so normal! LOL. Thanks for sharing your faves!!

  2. I love all of these so much! I love pajama sets, I feel like my life is together when everything matches.

  3. MyCityMyLondon says on August 2, 2017

    Love number 4 and 5! the most expensive I see! ehe I am curretly obessing over PJs and wearing knee high socks with them hehe

  4. I am a total silk pyjama junkie! I love your picks Aimee! There is actually a super awesome Indian designer duo called Shivan & Naresh. They make super funky prints that they will actually make into silk pj’s for you if you ask!