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My Morning Routine at Home


Mornings in LA are my favorite. I’m so happy when I wake up with my dogs in my own house (I mean, unless they wake me up at 5am…) and get to start the day however I want. I have an office that my team and I work out of, but my team loves coming to my house and working out of the dining room. This also means that the morning is pretty much the only part of the day that I can slow down and enjoy, so I make sure to do that as much as possible. I have my own morning ritual that includes playing some music, making my own breakfast, feeding the dogs and drinking coffee before getting ready for my first thing of the day. My go-to breakfast definitely includes avocado in some form, maybe some smoked salmon, fruit, and I’ve started including a yogurt lately. I used to always add a lot of fruit to my yogurt yogurt, but what I love about the new Oui by Yoplait French Style Yogurt is that it already has fruit on the bottom so I don’t have to add any! My favorite flavor is blueberry. I sometimes eat it as an afternoon snack after work. but Sophia from my team likes the strawberry one, so we’ve been stocking up on those two at the office and my house. Do you guys have a morning routine?Sponsored by Oui by Yoplait


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  1. Each morning I try to meditate, answer emails, and exercise 3-4 days a week. Sometimes I feel rushed and cant do anything…still trying to find balance!
    Breakfast is my favorite time of course and I love making this super healthy pancake. It consists of 4 egg whites, 1/3 cup bran buds cereal, 1 tablespoon vanilla extract and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon. You put this in a blender and then you cook it over the stove. Just spray some pam spray in a small skillet. It is the healthiest and most delicious pancake Ive ever eaten! This recipe is from a nutritionist/ dear friend of mine – Tanya Zuckerbrot.

  2. I struggle with morning routine, because I like spontaneity so much. However, having said that, there are certain things that I can’t do without in my mornings such as: waking up with sunlight flooding my bedroom, my skin care routine, morning decaf coffee, and amazingly calm music.
    As for the ‘grind’ stuff for the day, I mix it up everyday. It helps me to stay present in the moment.
    Keep living the dream!

    ~ Lynda Margaret

  3. Nice routine, yogurt is always a great idea. I usually have for my breakfast time protein pancakes that are easy and quickly to prepare because I have to do all faster as I can. Of course I drink an huge black coffe perfect to start the day with energy.


  4. Natali says on August 15, 2017

    To have a great morning, easy and peaceful start of the day including a long shower and healthy breakfast is so important for me in order to have the best and most productive day ahead.
    Lovely post and you’re looking charming on these photos! :)

  5. You have such a lovely kitchen, beautiful pictures. I like the fact that this yoghurt has fruit at the bottom, killing two birds with one stone right?

    My morning routine involves reading my Bible then listening to a podcast as I get ready for the day and have breakfast. I also try to clean the house if it’s untidy. If I’ve got some time then I’ll also do one or two French modules on my Duolingo app :)
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