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Puffy Shoulder Tops Shopping Guide


aimee song of song of style wearing puffy shoulder topsI’ve been trying to think of where my obsession with puffy shoulder pieces started and I’m pretty sure it’s from my mom. She was always very stylish, and I remember seeing her wear puffy shoulder blazers and thinking that she looked like such a powerful businesswoman. It’s funny though because when I got older and went to college, I would go thrifting all the time and buy blazers with shoulder pads, but then take the shoulder pads out because I thought it looked too outdated! Now I’m obsessed with the look again and so many designers are making great versions. I’ve worn the polka dot Jacquemus top a few times now and I always get compliments on it. The white one I’m wearing is actually from Topshop and nobody ever believes me when I say that! Also, I just posted about the Jacquemus dress yesterday. Here are a bunch of great puffy shoulder tops that I’ve seen lately! A few of them are $100 or less!aimee song of song of style puffy shoulder tops1. Pixie Market
2. Pixie Market
3. Petersyn
4. A.W.A.K.E (70% off final sale!)
5. Marques Almeida (30% off)
6. Petersyn
7. Pixie Market
8. Chloé
9. & Other Stories ($65)
10. ASOS ($78)


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  1. Alexandra says on July 25, 2017

    Hi could you tell
    us where your earrings are from? or which brand?
    thank you so much! I love this Photo. It makes me think of the 60ies. Someone in Paris :