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New House Powder Room Reveal


Aimee song of song of style new house powder room So excited to share the reveal of the powder room in my new house! If you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel, you may have already seen it in this video, but I’m so in love with how it turned out that I needed to share some photos on the blog. I wanted this bathroom to be glam and major, but not over the top or gaudy. I knew that I for sure wanted a white marble sink, and I chose brass/gold pieces for the fixtures and details. Because I didn’t want everything to be too shiny and new looking, I chose an unlacquered brass finish for the Waterworks faucets and sconces. Unlacquered brass means that over time it will start to have a more used or vintage look, and I think that fits much better with the feel of my house. The brass trifold mirror on the wall is also from Waterworks and honestly sometimes I forget to look at myself in the mirror because I’m too busy staring at the mirror itself!Aimee song of song of style new house powder room Aimee song of song of style new house powder roomYou may have seen photos or video of the foyer, which has an intricate multi-colored tile design, and I thought about continuing that into this room, but ended up deciding on a more simple black and white marble checker.Aimee song of song of style new house powder roomYou can see that the faucet is already starting to get those watermarks I was hoping from the unlacquered brass! It’s the perfect solution for wanting that glam feel, but without being too over the top. I don’t love when everything is shiny and perfect looking all the time (hence why I also love the flea markets).Aimee song of song of style new house powder roomJacopo got me this mirror (similar here) for Valentines day from The Apartment by The Line–he obviously knows me very well. Aimee song of song of style new house powder room
Vintage Towel Rack
Waterworks Sconces
Waterworks Trifold Mirror
Waterworks Faucet
Waterworks Overhead Light (not photographed)


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  3. Is it weird for me to worry about the toilet paper? I saw it too far from what I think is the toilet (lol)
    Anyways, the powder room is lovely! It is major inspiration (hence, already pinned it to my boards). Great job Aimee, love it