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  It’s time for the reveal of one of my favorite rooms in the office! I felt so lucky that the space had a full kitchen, but it needed a LOT of work, so it was one of the first rooms I tackled. Since this is an office, people are constantly in and out, and it only get’s really cleaned once a week, so I needed the kitchen to be durable and not just pretty. I knew I wanted marble countertops, but marble is actually super porous and can get stained easily, so I actually went with Caesarstone in Noble Grey, which is a quartz stone that looks just like the real thing but is much more durable! I really wanted a matte black faucet for the space.  The black Kohler faucet  was my first choice and I love how it looks against the marble and the gray cabinets!I really really wanted a farmer’s sink. I felt it would go perfectly with these tiles, but it was literally the hardest thing to install. First we had to find a cabinet that not only fit in the space but was sturdy enough to support the sink. So after searching everywhere our only option was to buy a wall cabinet and modify it by making it shorter and adding a filler. It was the most annoying and time consuming part of the kitchen, but it was so worth it! It makes me so happy to be in this kitchen. I think having inspirational quotes around any space is really important. I especially love this one about following your dreams and because you guys know how much I love avocados! You can buy a similar board here and customize it by adding your favorite quote. I also decided to go with a wrap around island because I love how it brings the entire kitchen together.When we first got the space, I knew exactly how I wanted to remodel and decorate it! I had this tile saved on my secret pinterest board, and it was the first thing we installed after demolishing the cabinets. You can see that on video here! These tiles are from Cement Tile Shop, and they’re called the Avallon Navy. They are stunning and look even better in person, you can thank me later!
I knew I wanted to keep the bench seating, but I had to do something about the ugly green vinyl that Was originally on it. So, we made some DIY cushions for the bench using a foam pad from a craft store, and fabrics that we got at the flea market from a vendor who gets them directly from Africa. I love the designs and thought that indigo and shibori pillows would be a great match, so I got these ones from a local designer on Etsy (similar here and here).


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  1. I saw on your vlog that you have been juggling 2 construction sites. Did you buy 2 homes, one for office and one for your private home? What a great investment and opportunity to showcase your design talents!

    I am new to your site and love your design eye and taste in fashion and interiors.
    I travel as much as I can and find it an imperative part of life because of all the inspirations I find when I travel. It then inspires everything I do in life in fashion, interior decor, hobbies, tastes in music and food, etc, everything!

    Thanks for sharing your life through your work here and on youtube. You inspire me and I love seeing glimpses of your travels and your work!

  2. Ummm this looks AMAZING!!! We recently did our kitchen too! We have more of minimalist modern look – you can check it here:

    Cement tile is killer – I’ve been obsessed now for months and finally pulled the trigger & put it in our master bath (see it here: Sh*t is expensive but so worth it.

    I’ve been following all of your remodel content and love love it. Going through construction is so damn stressful so it was nice to see I wasn’t the only one struggling! haha :)

    Thanks for sharing <3

    Christina |

  3. Julia Silver says on June 7, 2017

    Hi! So I’m a bit confused by the set-up: is your office a part of your (beautiful) new house? Or is this a completely separate space? just curious!

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