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The two things I always make sure to bring with me when I’m traveling are my passport, and my beauty bag. I haven’t decided which one would be worse to forget…knock on wood it never happens. Because planes are so dry and stuffy, I never wear makeup on board, and I focus on keeping moisturized throughout the flight. Here are my current favorite products for traveling with! Also, how perfect is this little Away toiletry case? I found some similar ones here and here!

Ole Henriksen – Truth on the Glow Cleansing Cloths $15.00 – I had only ever used their Truth Serum before, but on my recent trip to Iceland I discovered their cleansing cloths. They’re super easy to carry and are packed with Vitamin C, collagen, and Jojoba seed oil to hydrate and brighten the skin. It’s great to use when you’re on the go and can’t do a full cleansing, or just don’t want to get out of your seat.

Laura Mercier – Flawless Skin Rose Infused Nourishing Oil $65.00 – This is my favorite oil ever! I love to put it under my foundation for a flawless, no make-up look. For something a little more hydrating I recommend Biossance (the next one my list!)

Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil $72.00 – My secret weapon! It not only brightens your skin, but also firms and evens skin tone and texture. I’ve used this product for a while now and they have recently released a new packaging with a much easier to use applicator which I love! The best thing about this oil is that it fights free radicals, leaving the skin looking healthy and glowy. Also, you can get 15% off of $50 or more of Biossance with the code LOVEAIMEE

Darphin Chamomile Aromatic Care Oil $70.00 – I purchased this oil on my recent trip to Paris because a lot of people recommended it to me. I will say it’s pretty expensive for how small the bottle is, but It smells great, leaves my skin feeling smooth and also helps me relax. I like to apply this oil all over my face before I go to sleep.

Avène Tolérance Extrême Cream $32.00 – I love this moisturizing cream because its super hydrating! I use the one for sensitive skin but if you don’t have super dry skin you can use the one for all skin types. It’s rich and non-greasy and the best part is that it doesn’t have any preservatives or parabens.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer – Illuminating $44.00 – Before I get off the plane I always use this tinted moisturizer. It’s very light coverage and has SPF. My go to is the natural radiance, but during the summer months I like to use the golden radiance. It gives me the perfect illuminating glow! It’s perfect for looking like you weren’t just asleep sitting up for the last 6 hours. 

Laura Mercier Eye Brow Pencil $24.00 – I might not wear makeup on the plane, but I definitely put some on before I get off. I have to have my brows! I feel like if I have tinted moisturizer and brows I look and feel put together, which is why I always carry my favorite eyebrow pencil by Laura Mercier in Warm Brunette. I always end up losing one of the caps – does that happen to anyone else?


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  1. Susana says on June 28, 2017

    Laura Mercier discontinued their Pink Pout :( It’s my everyday MLBB lipstick. Curious…since it’s your fav…what are you replacing it with.

    xoxo, Susana

  2. Stamatina says on June 6, 2017

    Aimme !!! Please tell me where your toiletry bag is from !! I’m totally obsessed !!
    By the way everything you recommended is

  3. Perfect! Puffy, red eyes happen to be one of the most unavoidable side effects of flying. When in-flight, your eyes are assaulted by dry, recirculated air and a lack of restful sleep. Soothe and rejuvenate those delicate areas with oil-free, disposable eye masks.

  4. Ha! Karen from Where did you get that has been wearing these since the beginning of the season, I’ve been in love. I actually have one that I snagged from a thrift store years ago. I’ve been breaking it out!! Good luck on your purchase!!! Those are all beautiful!

  5. I’ve been hearing so much about the Ole Henrikson cleansing clothes recently, and I really want to try them! :) I’ve only used the Truth Serum before too, but I’m a huge fan! <3 And OMG, thank you so much for sharing all of these great face oil recommendations!

    XO, Elizabeth

  6. Love Laura tint so addicted! Question why so much emphasis on your live feeds of how you finish your food and how much u can eat? reminder starving kids in the world & you seem to over do with wanting attention for how much food you can eat, Like a grade schooler. Would luv to see less I can eat so much feeds. But u still got me for the fashion! Hugs from Hollywood:)

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  9. Oh, loving your new shorter hair :) It suits you, I am scared to cut it so short even twice so long you have is short for me :D and my husband loves long hair so I caan´t haha :) Yeah you are right, white denim is great once in a while :) I also have white jeans and stripy asymmetrical top, so I have to try it, thank you for inspiration :

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