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The Bag Every It-Girl Is Wearing This Season


This season I have been seeing a lot of these basket style bags, and I really love how lighthearted and easy they are. They remind me of a picnic, but at the same time could be worn to the office or to the beach. I’ve listed a bunch of my favorite ones that I’ve seen below and you’ll have to help me decide which one to get!1. Nannacay
2. Ava
3. Free People ($78)
4. WaiWai
5. Etsy ($65)
6. Sensi
7. Etsy ($55)
8. Free People ($68)
9. Kate Spade (30% off)
10. Hat Attack ($95)
11. J.Crew
12. WaiWai


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  1. I loved this seciton of your book becuase it’s really helpful! I have a couple of trips coming up so I’m excited to try your tips! I also LOVE Capri – it’s one of my favourite places in the world and your choices for Capri were fabulous!

  2. I love this! Looking at the location on instagram to plan outfits before going is brilliant! I am definitely using this tip next time I travel (too bad it’s not anytime soon)

  3. I love to switch up my denim too come spring with white for a refreshing and lighter feel. I love the top you’ve paired with yours, so pretty and trendy! Thanks for sharing, beauty, and I hope you’re having a great week so far!

  4. Oh, loving your new shorter hair :) It suits you, I am scared to cut it so short even twice so long you have is short for me :D and my husband loves long hair so I caan´t haha :) Yeah you are right, white denim is great once in a while :) I also have white jeans and stripy asymmetrical top, so I have to try it, thank you for inspiration :)

  5. alexia says on June 3, 2017

    Ha! Karen from Where did you get that has been wearing these since the beginning of the season, I’ve been in love. I actually have one that I snagged from a thrift store years ago. I’ve been breaking it out!! Good luck on your purchase!!! Those are all beautiful!

    See my latest post:
    // dream away
    born bred BE – a blog by Alexia

  6. Everyone is wearing this trend and I’m actually loving it. I love nos. 6, 9, and 11!

  7. Number 1 is perfect. Not too big and some additional colors with the pom poms

    Agnes x

  8. these are so fun! i wonder if they scratch u or give u splinters tho


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  10. Love them too ! I just had one from Zara very similaire also. Anyway I love the summery feeling and that it’s very practical at the same time !

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