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Furnishing My New Office Sitting Room


Our sitting area when you first enter came together so nicely and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Pretty much all of the furniture is from one of my favorite online furniture companies, Joss & Main. I’ve talked a little bit about the sofa before, I can’t stress enough how perfect it is. Since this is an office space and not a living space, I needed something pretty durable, which is why I went with the Chesterfield sofa in that gray denim material. I can never have enough plants either, so I have these two fiddle leaf fig trees in white plastic Joss & Main planters (these are actually super affordable), and I have succulents, cacti, and ferns all over the place. I’m only just realizing now how much shorter the right tree is to the left haha. If I could have something blue velvet in every room, I would. I have a big blue velvet sofa in my house, and I needed to have something like it in my office. These Joss & Main blue velvet chairs are the perfect pop of color to accent the room and complement the blue tile of the fireplace. I got the pillowcases from Morocco and India when I was traveling there, and then filled them with pillow inserts when I got back! I really have a hard time choosing what my favorite part of this room is. Obviously the sofa is my favorite, but so are the chairs, and then there’s this gorgeous Joss & Main coffee table and Joss & Main rug.
I wish I had a before photo of this fireplace, but it was covered in some really ugly brown tile. It was the first thing I saw when I walked in for the first time, and it was the first thing I knew I had to change. I ordered the tiles from Cement Tile Shop and once they came, I had a brand new fireplace within a day. I decorated it with a few random pieces that I had lying around, like this Crate & Barrel clock, a mirror that I got in the Philippines, and an elk antler. The sconces on the wall are super affordable from World Market.Keeping things organized and aesthetically pleasing as possible on these Joss & Main shelves. Coffee table books are some of my favorite things to decorate with, and like I said, plants everywhere. These Joss & Main dining chairs are so beautiful! They actually remind me of some that I saw a long time ago at Kelly Wearstler that I desperately wanted, but these ones are amazing. The table base is actually from Ikea, but then I added a custom black marble slab to the top, and I got the rug when I was in Morocco.

Joss & Main Chesterfield Sofa
Joss & Main Planters
Joss & Main Blue Velvet Chairs
Joss & Main Coffee Table
Joss & Main Rug
Crate & Barrel Clock
World Market Light Sconces
Joss & Main Shelves
Coffee Table Books
Joss & Main Dining Chairs


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  1. love the room, can you tell me the exact name of the rug? I clicked on the link but it sent me to a bunch of rugs, not that specific one. thanks,

  2. I really love your atyle, saw your YouTube page and fell in love! As a novice blogger I would love if you could give me feedback on my blog website as well. I love your sense of humor , style , creativity and hopefully one day I could work with you. Thanks!

  3. Alison Blakely says on May 29, 2017

    Are the dining chairs comfortable?? i’m looking for some dining chairs for a breakfast nook, but ones i can sit and read in for awhile and sit while on my lap top. i love the look but i’m wondering about comfort? i love the platner arm chair, that is my dream chair for the nook. Love your ideas! thanks for sharing

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