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Denim Dress


I moved into the new house that I bought end of last year. It wasn’t easy doing tons and tons of construction (see my house updates here) while traveling all around the world when I’m basically gone 20 days out of a month, but I’m so happy that I’m finally at the new house. Staying in L.A. (I’m home for a week) forced me to finally unbox all of my clothes (with the help of three amazing girls, Sophia, Jenny, and Pamela) and now getting dressed couldn’t be easier.

I got this cute SJYP denim lace dress when I was in Korea and I guess I could’ve worn it on its own but I thought it’d be cuter to pair it with a blouse so I styled it with this Mara Hoffman crop blouse. The blouse is actually a size too big on me, and because I suffer from small shoulder syndrome (a shoulder shorter than an average person’s) my sleeves won’t stay on my shoulders and keep falling off which makes it perfect to wear with this dess because it looks like I styled it with an off the shoulder top. I think what really made this look though is my Rebecca de Ravenel earrings. Her earrings are SO much fun and really make any outfit pop. I’m more of a gold earrings type of girl but I just really like the pop of color and the ombre ones are my favorite.

    These Chanel slingback pumps have been with me for awhile and I love them to pieces. They’re so comfortable and so classic. I also found a very affordable version of them here.  So so so in love with these Rebecca de Ravenel silk drop earrings! Also affordable for less than $100 ones here.     

Dior Oh So Real Sunglasses
Mara Hoffman Blouson Crop Top
SJYP Denim Dress
Chloe Nile Mini Bag
Chanel Slingbacks (super similar and affordable herehere and here)


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  1. like two weeks I did not have time to see my favorite blogs.
    HERE I, AM!! Love denim, never not wearing it like many of us. Love this dress and the earrings. Need to stock my wardrobe ASAP.

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  3. It’s sexy and modern. Maybe it will suit my girlfriend. She will be very beautiful and charming when wearing the costume for the weekend party. Thank you for sharing

  4. Congrats on moving into the new home! I’ve watched some of your vlogs on the reno, I’m sure it all came together beautifully; you have such great taste! As for your outfit, I love the fact that you added the top underneath the dress. I love the exaggerated sleeves and how it creates the effect of a cold shoulder. Great styling as always, beauty, and thanks so much for sharing!



  5. I just ADORE this outfit! I had no idea about your shoulders and it looked like you styled it with an off shoulder blouse on purpose so that worked out so well and it’s such a clever styling trick too!

    I also love the earrings – I love that they give this all denim look this fabulous pop of colour!

    Congrats on your new house Aimee! It must feel amazing to have unpacked!


  6. I love jumpsuits for the reasons you’ve mentioned, too; they’re super easy to style! I also love that depending on how fitting they are, they can be layered with a cute maxi dress to reveal only the top. I also love the selections you’ve shared here, too; that gingham one (3) is calling my name! Thanks for sharing, girlie, and I hope you’re having a great day so far!

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