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Blue Jeans and White Tee


I love pretty dresses, and I love layering pieces to make different outfits every day, but one of my favorite outfits– and the one that I’m the most comfortable in– is my good old blue jeans and white tee. I save these outfits for the weekends when I’m just spending time with my family and my dogs, but sometimes you really just need a weekend in the middle of the week, you know? The other day I decided it would be one of those days, so I cancelled my afternoon plans, and took my team to get ice cream. The best cure for a bad day is to just get ice cream and put on your favorite song. These Amo Jeans (similar here and here) are great for days off because they have a pretty relaxed fit but still look nice enough in case you run into someone you know (I cant tell you how many times a day people text me saying “I just saw you walking down Melrose!”) This white tee I’ve had pretty much forever, and I wore a pair of super comfortable Stella Luna slingback pumps (in mint). This studded Chloe Inez bag has been one of my favorite for a while. If you’ve ever had your eyes on a Chloe bag, now is the time to make the jump because they’re up to 50% off here! Amo Jeans (similar here and here)
White Tee
Stella Luna slingback pumps (in mint)
Chloe Studded Inez Bag (up to 50% off Chloe here!)
Dior So-Real Color Pop Sunnies


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