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Red Monochrome in Le Marais


Any day I have some free time in Paris, I make sure to get out and explore as much as I can. Even in one single neighborhood you can find so many things to do and beautiful places to see. I come back to Le Marais a lot for that specific reason. This beautiful cafe is just one of so many picturesque places that brings me back again and again.
The weather in Paris was pretty mild so I spent most of the week in layered looks. Even though I love combining different patterns and colors in a single outfit, I also love the idea of stacking different shades of a single color for a super cool monochrome moment. While I am wearing blue Hudson skinny jeans (similar here) and brown Balenciaga mules, I kept everything else deep shades of red. I actually bought this cherry-red Mango coat (similar here, here, and here) online before New York Fashion Week, but it didn’t come in time! It ended up being too thin for New York anyway, so I brought it to Paris and layered over a J.Crew turtleneck and a vintage burgundy Celine blazer that I got from my mom (similar here and here). When you go to recreate this look make sure you use various shades as well so your outfit has depth instead of looking flat and one-note! Mango Coat (similar here, here, and here)
J. Crew Turtleneck (similar here)
Vintage Celine Blazer (similar here and here)
Hudson Jeans (similar here)
Balenciaga shoes (also in black; similar and affordable here)
Louis Vuitton bag
Song of Style x Gentle Monster Sunglasses


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  1. Loving this red monochrome look so much! Monochrome looks are always so chic and sophisticated! <3 :) I really want to get an over-the-knee red coat since it looks so incredibly polished and put-together! Plus the pop of color is so romantic!

  2. 我想見你 蘋果,梨,顛倒的頹廢時裝剪影
    Wo xian jian Ni Pingguo dianduo xin de tuifei Shi zhuang jian Ying.

    I want meet your apple inverted heart of couture decadence in unfabricance that would lead to trust that a kingdom would find my heart with a placement of a hard to find shoe model in a mall they knew I’d visit. Only because I know where to find A lot of the optimistic items in example the Nike clearance store miles out side of the town of Milwaukee, WI where there are numerous installments Of Boston store malls. If I don’t get my corporate tax returns in my revenue that should bring bonuses through public demand of my Celine blazer “Fav’s of mother burgundy” designed by me, song of style dynasty, diana & vera wang modeled by aime’s distant sister/actor brenda song the ease dropping competition are gonna be sitting around uneased when I leave in chain reaction the industry there relevant to them. By rule within three weeks I’m suppose to be gettin word from the blazers design house of origin initiation of my movement, after such the alternative route initiates. Let this be notification for all fans of the song of style!

  3. I’m not one to wear foundation but I have recently started liking a tinted moisturiser just because that added colour really does help make your skin look equal and hide those blemishes but I feel like it’s not as harsh. The Laura Mercier looks great to I will definitely be checking it out as I’m on the hunt for one and I love that is has spf too

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  5. What a beautiful coat, Aimee! I also love how you’ve added the bandana around the bag straps, it adds such a cool contrast to the design and print. I also love those mules, too; the color combo is so pretty and perfect for spring! Thanks for sharing and I hope you’re having a great week so far!