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Avocado Toast City Guide – LA, NYC, Paris

April 29, 2017 - 130 Comments

I am an avocado expert. It’s a fact. I spend so much time traveling, and as more and more places around the world have avocado toasts popping up on their menus, I feel like it’s my duty to find the best ones out there. I’m hard to please! My favorite avocado toasts have just the right ratio of avocado to bread (definitely not too much bread), they’re seasoned nicely (red pepper flake and olive oil on avocado is the key to my heart), and they have just the right toppings. So far, the best avocado toasts I’ve had are in Los Angeles, New York, and Paris. Here are my top (and worst) places in each city to get an avocado toast!

Los AngelesPaper or Plastik – Their version comes with prosciutto and egg, but I just order it with plain avocado because let’s be honest, that’s what I’m here for. The thick-sliced bread is also delicious and holds all of the avocado up.
The Hart and the Hunter
– My second favorite avocado toast spot in LA! Their avocado toast is really memorable because it’s topped with red onion and smoked olives, which both cut the richness of the avocado. I also love this spot because the interior is so beautiful!Verve Coffee on Melrose – For a quick avocado toast fix, Verve Coffee is my go-to. They get me when it comes to my “the more avocado, the better” motto. They serve their avocado piled high on top of crispy toast, garnished with watermelon radish, pickled shallots, and chives. So fresh and so so delicious!
Ostrich Farm – This spot is an Instgrammer’s dream. Not only is the place beautiful, but their avocado toast is equally praise-worthy. For one order you get two smaller pieces of toast piled high with buttery avocado, and seasoned with lemon and chili flakes. I love the combination of lemon and chili with avocado — it’s the best way to switch things up if you ever get bored of your usual salt-and-pepper seasoning.
Blue Bottle on Beverly – The most avocado-y avocado toast. I absolutely love to get avocado toast here because they actually drizzle it with avocado oil, which makes the flavor pop so much more! It’s also sprinkled with sunflower and poppy seeds, which adds delicious texture.
Paramount Coffee Project – Though the avocado to bread ratio is definitely off (it should be 3:1) here, I still love this spot because the food tastes so fresh. The super seeded toast comes with cucumber, fresh herbs, and Aleppo pepper for a super unique take on the classic version.
Jon & Vinny’s – Make a reservation before you try out this super popular spot on Fairfax Ave! You’ll get an enormous slice of toast with plenty of avocado, olive oil for extra richness, plus lemon and crushed chili for a bit of freshness. The bread here is KEY — they get from Gjusta, a bakery in Venice Beach!
Zinc – This cafe is unfortunately over-hyped. Although the radish salad and lemon zest are great elements to add to an avocado toast, the overall taste is just okay.
The Butcher’s Daughter – I have never understood the obsession with this place. The avocado is mashed way too much — I like my avo’s chunky — and I’m not a huge fan of the bread they use, either. For $13 an order, this toast is definitely not worth it.
Free Range – What was once one of my favorite local places to get avocado toast has now moved to the bottom of the list. Not only did they raise the price of the toast, but they now also use less avocado!

New York City

Avocaderia – Though I haven’t gotten a chance to try this spot yet, it’s basically my dreams-come-true! I actually had an idea to open the same kind of spot, but I guess somebody else beat me to the punch. I would eat every single type of avocado toast they offer here — I’m currently stalking their Instagram and everything looks amazing!
11 Howard – I love staying at this hotel because it means I have constant access to some of the best avocado toast in the city. It’s the ideal size and has perfectly toasted bread with enough avocado to pass my ratio test.
The Smith – My friend Cubby introduced me to this spot last winter, and it exceeded my expectations. If you want to feel really healthy while eating avocado toast, definitely try theirs — it comes topped with lots of leafy greens and lemon.Cafe Henrie – I had really high hopes for Cafe Henrie because the decor is so cute. But, sadly, the avocado toast did not cut it. It’s pretty, but the avocado is just a thin little smear, and the bread was super dry. The radish garnish had a toothpick in it so it made it even harder to eat. 
Bluestone Lane Cafe
– Australians just get it. This Melbourne-inspired spot piles tons of delicious avocado on top of Balthazar toast, then makes things ever more interesting with tahini and feta cheese.
Dudley’s – Mexican food is one of my favorites, so the fact that Dudley’s uses salsa verde on their avocado toast really speaks to me. The bread they use is also smaller than most avocado toasts, so the focus is all on the avocado, and they achieve that 3:1 ratio I always look for! This toast basically tastes like guacamole on top of bread, and it’s delicious.
Joseph Leonard – Make sure you come to this spot with extra avocados in your bag! Even though they’re a bit stingy with their avocado, this toast is still classic and delicious!
The Commons Chelsea – While most places use thick-cut multigrain bread as the base for avocado toast, The Commons switches things up by using baguette!
Two Hands Cafe – I’ve tried so hard to like Two Hands, but both times I’ve been, I’ve been disappointed. The bread is just plain toast, and they are extremely stingy when it comes to their avocado. However, they have a restaurant and bar location, which has a different type of avocado toast that actually sounds much better!
Cafe Gitane – Another disappointing toast thanks to boring bread and too-mushy avocado.

Peonies – This flower shop/cafe has avocado toast that is just as beautiful as the interior. The bread is crisp and not too thick, and my favorite part is the texture of the avocado! A lot of places mess up avocado toast by over-mashing the avocado. It’s best to keep it chunky!
Ob La Di – An Instagram-perfect spot with some of the most unique avocado toast I’ve ever tried. It’s topped with chimichurri and pomegranate!
Fragments – Sometimes simplicity is best — lots of chunky avocado on top of delicious bread, sprinkled with some paprika and olive oil.Dersou – Whoever first came up with the idea of pairing radish and avocado is a genius. Dersou keeps things simple and fresh, topping with chunky avocado toast with julienned carrots and radish pieces.
The Beans on Fire – I prioritize my favorite avocado spots according to how much avocado they give me. If you want your money’s worth of avocado toast, this is where you should go next.
Season – I was excited to try this spot because I’d heard so many rave reviews, but was let down by the teeny tiny amount of avocado I got!

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