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My first show in Paris this season was Saint Laurent. It was actually my first time ever attending the show, so I was really excited! Anthony Vaccarello recently took over for Hedi Slimane and although he’s been with the brand for a few seasons now, I was excited to see what he would do. For the most part, it was a lot elevated, wearable, daytime pieces, which had me wondering where all of the amazing evening clothes Anthony Vaccarello is known for went. Then, for the finale, all of the models changed into exactly that. The pieces were classic Anthony Vaccarello, which are all about the perfect fit, sexy, and show stopping. To the show, I wore all Saint Laurent. I’m totally obsessed with this cropped blazer (similar here and affordable version here) with pins on it. This one came with them, but I think I want to start doing that to more of my jackets! I kept the look simple with black skinny jeans (similar here) and a white tee, and finished with my new YSL bag and heels! Even though I am a huge denim fanatic, I actually don’t own a pair of really simple black jeans that don’t have any distressing on them.  These jeans don’t have that much stretch in them but I found them very flattering. Saint Laurent Blazer (similar here and affordable version here)
Saint Laurent Jeans (similar here and here)
Saint Laurent Tee (similar here, here, and here)
Saint Laurent Heels (similar here, here, and here)
Saint Laurent Bag (similar herehere, and affordable here)


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  2. I adore your blog! And this post! Thank you for posting the similar and affordable options as these pieces are such staples in any girls closet.
    I love how organized and ordered your blog is – rather like the saint laurent show- daytime pieces rule the show and just at the end the evening styles reign.
    Keep on posting! -Athena

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  4. Wow, what an incredible experience and such an honor! I love that you are walking in fashion shows lately and showing everyone that real people can also wear these clothes just as beautifully as models do. You are a true inspiration and keep up the amazing work! xoxo, Christine

  5. Omg the girl on the bag does look a little bit like you! I love these adorable bags and the pearls on that backpack really got me! I love pearls! This is such a cute shoot and I love that even though it didn’t go according to plan you still went for it and it turned out beautifully! Well done!

  6. Your visuals are so amazing! The one with the hair blowing in your face is so effortlessly-cool!! And you are right about those jeans, they are very flattering. I always tend to be a little more comfortable in a pair of jeans that have a little stretch in them, especially when I am running around all day but you look great!!


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  8. I loved you in the D&G show, you looked amazing !! i love that dress, the shoes are gorgeous i loved the one with the flowers in the front OBSESSED, the bag is also beautiful and just everything was unbelievable. Dolce and Gabbana always comes out with the best !! you are so lucky Xx

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