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Milan Recap – Walking in the Dolce & Gabbana Show


Milan happened! Wow, it was so fast and felt like such a dream that I can’t believe it even did happen. I went for the Dolce & Gabbana show which I got to WALK in, which was seriously a dream come true. I didn’t even realize it was a dream of mine until it was happening. I arrived in Milan in the afternoon and went straight to my fitting for the show! Seriously, I carried my suitcases into the fitting.. From there, I went back to the hotel dropped off my bags, changed out of my airplane clothes, and headed to rehearsal. Exploring the city between my fitting and the rehearsal in my little bit of free time. This was my first time in Milan without Jacopo since he’s from there and it felt so weird! I’m wearing Citizens of Humanity jeans, a Self-Portrait sweater, and Louis Vuitton boots (similar and affordable here). The girls with nice shoes club. Trying to practice walking in my shoes so I don’t fall with Sailor, Destry, and Kenya My look for the show! I really can’t believe that it happened. I just made a video where I talk about the experience and what it meant to me, and you can see it here!

Photo by Journey into La Ville Lumiere Afterparty time! In my video you see me during the fitting when I couldn’t choose which dress to wear! I guess this is kind of a spoiler..

Citizens of Humanity Jeans
Self-Portrait sweater
Louis Vuitton Boots (similar and affordable here)


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  1. Absolutely amazing ! Girl you are soooooo blessed! God is good! I just want to say that you inspire me to keep blogging and to keep going!! I’m African American and sometimes I feel that the “fashion industry ” doesn’t give (black women) a true platform and I want try and change that. I am soooo much more than my race, anyway I honestly love your style and I purchased your book and love that as well! I pray I can actually meet you one day! You are an amazing human being and you deserve success and happiness! God bless you always
    Kia Danielle!

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  4. Firstly, congratulations on walking the show! You looked so beautiful and you are a total natural! I loved it! Such a huge achievement and you deserve to be super proud! Your after party look is beautiful too!

    I actually wore the top you’re wearing to Paris Fashion Week! I love it so much!


  5. Omg the girl on the bag does look a little bit like you! I love these adorable bags and the pearls on that backpack really got me! I love pearls! This is such a cute shoot and I love that even though it didn’t go according to plan you still went for it and it turned out beautifully! Well done!

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  7. you must have been so annoyed that your packages got caught in customs! I am in love with that bag however, it’s a nice feminine version to all the spiked up backpack’s that you see around :) Also, I’ve been to Palm Springs but I’ve never heard of Pioneertown, it looks nothing like the rest of Palm Springs (which is cool in a way)!

  8. Ah man, that sucks that the products didn’t arrive in time for the shoot, but at least you were able to make the most out of the trip and do some sight seeing and have some fun :) I adore that backpack, it’s so cute! I love the iridescent color and spike detail, such a fun piece. I also adore those gold shoes, too! Thanks for sharing, beauty, and I hope you’re having a great week so far!

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