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NYFW Recap


Aimee of the blog Song of Style shares a NYFW recapYou guys, my week in New York went by so quickly so I’m making sure to do a NYFW recap of all my favorite moments before I head off to Milan and Paris for the rest of fashion month!

Aimee of the blog Song of Style shares a NYFW recapMy trip actually started off a bit crazy because my car got broken-into right after I stocked up on items at Topshop a couple days before my flight! Luckily I put on these white croc boots as soon as I bought them, so they were the only thing that was saved! I ended up wearing them all week, so it’s good that at least my favorite item wasn’t taken even though everything else was.
Aimee of the blog Song of Style shares a NYFW recapThis trip definitely would have so much more stressful and hectic without a car, so I’m so thankful that I had a Lexus with the best driver in the world, Lorenzo. He got us to all of our shows on time and also helped us find the best photo locations, like the cutest mint apartment featured in this post.

Aimee of the blog Song of Style shares a NYFW recapThings also go way smoother when you have a team. As I keep growing my brand, I’ve been lucky to have built a cohesive team of hard-working people who help me do what I do. Did I mention that we all look amazing in my Song of Style x Gentle Monster US 101 sunnies?
Aimee of the blog Song of Style shares a NYFW recapAimee of the blog Song of Style shares a NYFW recapEven though there was a crazy blizzard the day before I arrived (my original flight even got canceled because of it!) I was happy that the weather was relatively warm — and by warm, I mean 30-40º —so I could get away with wearing outfits that didn’t involve huge coats. This fashion week I was really aware of my influence as a blogger, so I used that power to speak up about social injustices and current issues with sick pieces like my new Two Songs GRL PWR hoodie, a “No Walls Between Us” motorcycle jacket from Each x Other, and a slogan tee from Prabal Gurung‘s new collection.

Aimee of the blog Song of Style shares a NYFW recapYou guys know how obsessed I am with avocado toast, and some of my favorites are in New York, so of course this is always one of my main highlights whenever I visit. This season I was so happy to be hosted again by the 11 Howard Hotel — they have the most beautiful rooms, not to mention some of my favorite avocado toast! If you’re looking for more great avocado toast in the area, make sure to check out Aunt Jakes! Both of these spots have the perfect 3:1 avocado-to- bread ratio that I always look for.

Aimee of the blog Song of Style shares a NYFW recap

Last season I had the idea to purchase a clothing rack to display all of my pieces that I wanted to wear throughout the week. It was so helpful to have everything laid out, and it made picking outfits a breeze! The team 11 Howard was also amazing in helping deliver tons of garment bags to my room and making sure we had everything we needed to make the trip go smoothly. Not only is the clothing rack a fashion week life changer, but it’s also so photogenic!

Aimee of the blog Song of Style shares a NYFW recapFinding time to eat during the week can be a little tough when you have early morning plans and a fully packed schedule every day, but I had to make time for By Chloe, one of my favorite New York spots. This is legit the most delicious non-vegan-tasting vegan food I’ve ever had! It’s so hard to stick to just one item because I always want everything on the menu! My go-to items are the spinach-artichoke dip, avocado toast (perfect 3:1 avocado-to-bread-ratio!), and fries.

Aimee of the blog Song of Style shares a NYFW recapI also felt so fortunate to have the team at Laura Mercier helping me create the perfect beauty looks each day. Being an ambassador for Laura Mercier has been an amazing experience so far. It’s definitely taught me more about makeup, and has also encouraged me to be more daring with the looks I try! For the Michael Kors show, I did a green metallic eye look, which you can find out more about here — Benjamin is an absolute master and he brought exactly what I had in mind to life.

Aimee of the blog Song of Style shares a NYFW recap

Aimee of the blog Song of Style shares a NYFW recapLaura Mercier lipsticks also happen to make the perfect accessories for a Valentine’s Day flatlay. Being in a long distance relationship can definitely be difficult at times, but I was so happy to spend the week with Jacopo. He helped me eat these heart-shaped donuts. They were so delicious (some were even rose-flavored!) that I wanted to eat them all myself, but for the day of love I had to share.

Aimee of the blog Song of Style shares a NYFW recapEven though fashion week can get hectic, I always love that it means I get to see some of my closest friends, like Camila Coelho and Chriselle Lim. What’s even better is that I got to catch up with them at the gorgeous Diane von Furstenberg presentation, to which I wore a dress from the new collection.

Overall, this NYFW was pretty relaxed, and much warmer than usual. I had a lot of fun with my team and Lexus driver, and was proud to stand up for what’s right using the social justice-minded collections so many designers are now creating. Find the rest of my outfits under the NFYW category on my home page, and make sure to let me know what you think! For an even more in-depth look at my NYFW experience, make sure to check out my YouTube channel!

Aimee of the blog Song of Style shares a NYFW recap

Aimee of the blog Song of Style shares a NYFW recap11 Howard Hotel
Topshop white croc boots
 (similar here)
Gentle Monster x Song of Style US 101 sunnies
Two Songs “Grl Pwr” hoodie
Each x Other motorcycle jacket (similar here)
Prabal Gurung tee
Clothing Rack
Diane von Furstenberg
dress (similar here)
Makeup by Laura Mercier 


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  2. These photos that you deliver are so beautiful. I admire that you are self aware and use the power as an influencer and put it for something powerful and meaningful like inequality and today’s unfortunate unfair justices. Btw, your outfits are so impeccable and just so dangerous, I absolutely love it. These photos and the content truly shows that you had so much fun and I can’t help but want be more happy for you and your brand!!

    S T Y L E B L O G

  3. Oh no! I’m so sorry that happened to your car, did they take the car or just the stuff? That’s crazy, either way, what matters most is that you’re okay and that you were able to save those boots ;) Major points for Lorenzo for finding that cute little spot. I’m from NYC and I have no idea where that is, it looks so cute! Thanks for sharing, girl, and I loved following your around on IG during your NYFW adventures, it looked like so much fun, especially since I’m pregnant and couldn’t attend this year :(



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  6. This seems like such an amazing NYFW! I loved all your looks and your make up is beautiful! Your Valentines day flatlay was so cute and such a clever idea to get that amazing rack for all your clothes! Also I just got your sunnies and I can’t wait to wear them! I’m taking them to PFW with me!

    So sorry to hear about the break in in your car though! That really sucks! :(


  7. I love NYFW season, it’s the best time to get inspired and learn many new things about fashion !! I love your pictures, New York is one of my favorite cities and I’m planning on living there someday. I’m sorry for what happend, I can’t believe that people can break into cars just for clothes what a crazy thing to do !! Anyway, thank you for sharing your experience at NYFW, you looked amazing as always, I loved all of your outfits and especially the one with the statement tee, a great way to use your status as influencer !! Xx