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Monogram Bag and Combat Boots


I’ve been back in L.A. for about two weeks and I’m working nonstop! I feel like my Instagram feed has slowed down tremendously because I have no time to take any kind of photos. I quickly shot this outfit around 5pm literally in like 10 minutes. I recently got asked how much time I spend taking photos and editing them, and on days like this, it’s just literally 10-15 minutes max. I had Nicholas from my team meet me near where I was, and we shot this before the sunset and I really like how the light turned out. I was coming back from the valley where my stone fabricator is (oh em gee, my house is almost done!! Can you guys believe it?) and in the morning had a coat over it, but the weather has been really good in L.A. lately so here I am, in my flowy dress from Alexis (also available as a blouse). I’m also wearing my most comfortable Louis Vuitton Boots (super similar affordable here). The mini monogram bag is from MCM and I love this size. I personally don’t like giant bags although I could really use one especially when I travel, but on days like this where I just need my wallet, tape measure (yup, I always carry a tape measure now) and Laura Mercier lip liner and lip balm, the size of this bag is perfect!

Alexis Dress (also available as a blouse)
Louis Vuitton Boots (super similar affordable here)



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