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Backpacking Through Palm Springs


Right off the plane from New York and straight into the car for a road trip to Palm Springs! We actually came here for a shoot for a brand, but the products got stuck in customs and we couldn’t shoot them! We figured we may as well have some fun and be productive while we were here, so we drove around Palm Springs and got some cool photos. It’s actually pretty chilly here since it’s winter, so I wore a pair of two-tone Paige jeans with a Nili Lotan sweater (affordable version here). I almost could have used a jacket over top too! I carried all of my stuff around in my new MCM pearl studded backpack. I’m not sure if you can tell by the photos, but it’s actually holographic which makes it so cool! And I mean come on…those are pearls! Yep…pearls.
 I still have these gold Jimmy Choo Mary-Jane pumps on repeat. Super similar and affordable version here!
While we were driving around looking for food, we stumbled upon this place called Pioneertown. It’s a cute little town that they rebuilt to look like the old Wild West. There were pretty much no people around when we were there and it felt like a real ghost town! You should definitely go check it out and get some cute photos. Can’t come to Palm Springs without hitting up a good Mexican restaurant! This place is called Las Palmas and they give you so much guacamole!! It’s my new favorite just because of that.

For dinner, I did a mini outfit change and switched into an ASOS ruffle blouse and this cute MCM Rockstar Vanity bag (omg, yes that’s an illustration of a girl that looks kinda like me!). Also added a little gold with these Oscar de la Renta earrings.

Paige Two-Tone Jeans
Nili Lotan sweater (affordable version here)
MCM Pearl Studded Backpack
Jimmy Choo Mary-Jane pumps
Oscar de la Renta Earrings

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  1. Love this look and how you styled the backpack! Glad you made the most out of your there even after all the fuss

  2. Love this look and how you styled the backpack! Glad you made the most out of your there even after all the fuss!

  3. Omg the girl on the bag does look a little bit like you! I love these adorable bags and the pearls on that backpack really got me! I love pearls! This is such a cute shoot and I love that even though it didn’t go according to plan you still went for it and it turned out beautifully! Well done!


  4. Hi Aimee!

    Sorry to hear about the products. But you are right those pictures are real cool and you look great As ALWAYS!

    Saludos y Besos

  5. you must have been so annoyed that your packages got caught in customs! I am in love with that bag however, it’s a nice feminine version to all the spiked up backpack’s that you see around :) Also, I’ve been to Palm Springs but I’ve never heard of Pioneertown, it looks nothing like the rest of Palm Springs (which is cool in a way)!

    Kisses from London,

    Maria x

    The Chic Pursuit

  6. OMG I’ve been to Pioneertown! We visited Palm Springs and Joshua Tree last year and even ate at Las Palmas. Best. Tacos. Ever.

    xo, t | politicsandfashionblog.com

  7. Ah man, that sucks that the products didn’t arrive in time for the shoot, but at least you were able to make the most out of the trip and do some sight seeing and have some fun :) I adore that backpack, it’s so cute! I love the iridescent color and spike detail, such a fun piece. I also adore those gold shoes, too! Thanks for sharing, beauty, and I hope you’re having a great week so far!



  8. Glad you got to make a trip out of this cancelled shoot! <3 :) I usually just go to Palm Springs to shop, but never to really just walk around and enjoy the landscape! Will definitely be putting it in my list of places to go again!

    XO, Elizabeth

  9. Oh no! I’m so sorry that happened to your car, did they take the car or just the stuff? That’s crazy, either way, what matters most is that you’re okay and that you were able to save those boots ;) Major points for Lorenzo for finding that cute little spot. I’m from NYC and I have no idea where that is, it looks so cute! Thanks for sharing, girl, and I loved following your around on IG during your NYFW adventures, it looked like so much fun, especially since I’m pregnant and couldn’t attend this year :( http://www.baleinciaga.com

  10. This seems like such an amazing NYFW! I loved all your looks and your make up is beautiful! Your Valentines day flatlay was so cute and such a clever idea to get that amazing rack for all your clothes! Also I just got your sunnies and I can’t wait to wear them! I’m taking them to PFW with me! http://www.ferriagamo.com

  11. I love NYFW season, it’s the best time to get inspired and learn many new things about fashion !! I love your pictures, New York is one of my favorite cities and I’m planning on living there someday. I’m sorry for what happend, I can’t believe that people can break into cars just for clothes what a crazy thing to do !! Anyway, thank you for sharing your experience at NYFW, you looked amazing as always, I loved all of your outfits and especially the one with the statement tee, a great way to use your status as influencer !! Xx http://www.monsoone.shop/

  12. I’ve always loved MCM from afar since they’re always so expensive :( but I love basically everything about it. One day! :) Beautiful as always, Aimee!

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  14. What a fun trip even though you didn’t get to shoot your looks. I’ve been thinking of going to Palm Springs this spring and these photos are great inspiration for me. The backpack is amazing and love the studded and pearl details. What a statement bag! The Gentle Monster sunnies that you collaborated on are amazing and I just got the silver ones! Now I want them in EVERY color! xoxo, Christine

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