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Slumber Party in Miami


Waking up slowly in Miami. These Thakoon pajamas make me want to stay in bed all day! You already know that I’m obsessed with pajamas and these ones are no exception.
I got to see so many of my friends at Art Basel that I don’t get to see very often and that obviously calls for a slumber party in the hotel! If you watch my insta stories and snapchat, you saw that my friends Aureta and Jacquelin came over and we spent half the day just lounging around and eating room service before heading out to see the art. Aureta and I are matching in the tulip print. I’m wearing the pajama top and bottoms, she’s in the robe! Jacquelin is in the chambray robe and pants. The pajamas are so lightweight and breathable and how cute are the eye masks with the cat ears?
Thakoon tulip pajama top and shorts
Thakoon tulip robe
Thakoon tulip cat nap mask
Thakoon chambray pajama top and pants
Thakoon chambray robe
Thakoon chambray cat nap mask

Visuals by Pierre

Thank you to Thakoon for sponsoring this post.


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  2. Firstly – I love that you give back so much. It was your birthday and you took the opportunity to do something for someone else. It is amazing to see someone spreading the word and helping people, especially cause I am originally from India so this really hits close to home for me! Even though I grew up there, the poverty still shocks me and you are so right – we can build schools but if kids don’t have the necessities how will they attend!

  3. Aimee, this is amazing that you’re using your influence to bring attention to such an important need and that you yourself are also doing something to help. I’ve admired you before, but I do even more after reading this post. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have the best week ahead, beauty!

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