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Turtleneck and Jeans


aimee_song_of_style_paris_fashion_week_vince_sweater_vince_cardigan_plac_jeans_acne_studios_boots_chloe_bagThis was one of the first days in Paris when I didn’t have any shows so I was having a nice relaxed day in Paris. I was in love with the weather because I don’t get this very often. Fall in Los Angeles is like 70 degrees… That being said, I’m pretty spoiled by that so I get so cold all the time and it’s only like 50 degrees haha. But doubling up sweaters is definitely helping with that! I’m wearing a Vince turtleneck underneath a Vince cardigan (also in grey), with Plac Jeans (similar here), Acne Studios boots, a Chloe bag (similar here), and Celine sunniesaimee_song_of_style_paris_fashion_week_vince_sweater_vince_cardigan_chloe_bag_acne_studios_boots aimee_song_of_style_paris_fashion_week_acne_studios_boots_chloe_bag_vince_sweater_vince_cardigan_plac_jeansaimee_song_of_style_paris_fashion_week_vince_sweater_vince_cardigan_acne_studios_boots_plac_jeans_chloe_bag_celine_sunnies aimee_song_of_style_paris_fashion_week_vince_cardigan_vince_sweater_plac_jeans aimee_song_of_style_paris_fashion_week_plac_jeans_vince_sweater_vince_cardigan_celine_sunnies aimee_song_of_style_paris_fashion_week_plac_jeans_acne_studios_shoes aimee_song_of_style_paris_fashion_week_plac_jeans_acne_studios_boots_vince_sweater_vince_cardigan

Vince turtleneck
Vince cardigan (also in grey)
Plac Jeans (similar here and cuff these to make them like mine)
Acne Studios boots (also in black and white, affordable version from H&M)
Chloe bag (similar here)
Celine sunnies


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  1. This look is so perfect I’m in love with those jeans such a beautiful looks are given this pic the hole credit goes to the designer style once again thanks for sharing the style collection.

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  3. It’s good and glamorous look i love your design and style your Vince turtleneck and Vince Cardigan is good design style. the boots, a chloe bag is very good design . the sunglasses style and colour is good. and i like your photography this is a unique cool street style. such a beautiful looks are given this pic the hole credit goes to the designer style once again thanks for sharing the style collection.

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  6. I love your super casual look! What’s really cool is how awesome the cuffs on your jeans are! It really elevates the whole look as well as the way the colour of the boots and the camels come together!


  7. The combination of turtle neck and your nice pair of jeans gives you a elegant slender look. Simple combination, good results! Working for an events promotion company in London where fashion events are quite a popular category, I often attend some nice fashion events, but I still feel that it can be hard to keep on track of the trends. I may try your combination at my next fashion event.