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Black Leather Moment in Paris


aimee_song_of_style_paris_fashion_week_ash_boots_ash_top_ash_leather_jacket_chanel_bagYou guys.. I’m so happy! Jacopo came to surprise me in Paris and I still can’t believe it! When I saw him at my book signing it didn’t even register that it was him, and then all of a sudden I wanted to cry. I got to spend the whole day with him the other day, which automatically made it my favorite day of fashion week. I kept it Parisienne-style casual but chic in all black. Wearing an Ash Studios Paris patent leather skirt, leather jacket (similar here), and button down top. aimee song of style leather ash skirt aimee_song_of_style_paris_fashion_week_ash_top_ash_leather_boots_ash_skirt_leather_jacket aimee_song_of_style_paris_fashion_week_ash_leather_jacket_leather_skirtThis fashion month, I’ve been really focused on wearing comfortable shoes. Especially in Paris where a lot of the roads are cobblestone. This was actually the day after I ran a 10k (yes, Jacopo and I woke up early and ran a race before going to the shows.. I know..) and I knew I would be sore. I could have worn sneakers to walk around, but I didn’t really want to, and the next option was a pair of Ash block heel chelsea boots (similar here). They were so comfortable that my feet didn’t hurt at all during the day! I really like the metallic snakeskin look of these. aimee_song_of_style_paris_fashion_week_ash_leather_skirt_leather_jacket aimee_song_of_style_paris_fashion_week_ash_leather_skirt_top_ash_leather_jacket aimee_song_of_style_paris_fashion_week_ash_boots_leather_skirt_ash_top aimee_song_of_style_paris_fashion_week_ash_leather_skirt_ash_boots_ash_leather_jacket aimee_song_of_style_paris_fashion_week_ash_leather_boots_ash_top_ash_leather_skirt aimee_song_of_style_paris_fashion_week_ash_boots_ash_leather_jacket_ash_top_chanel_bag aimee_song_of_style_paris_fashion_week_ash_jacket_ash_leather_boots_ash_leather_skirt aimee_song_of_style_paris_fashion_week_ash_jacket_ash_skirt_ash_top_ash_boots aimee_song_of_style_paris_fashion_week_ash_top_ash_boots_ash_jacket

Ash Studios Paris patent leather skirt
Ash Studios Paris leather jacket (similar here)
Ash Studios Paris button down top
Ash Ankle Boots (similar here)
Chanel Bag


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  2. This look is amazing, especially with the leather jacket! I have been looking for a leather jacket myself for a long time! Working for an events promotion company in London, I often attend unique fashion events to gain inspiration, but I still can’t manage to find the right jacket. Now I know which jacket I should look for!

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  4. 1) I made the mistake of going to Paris for the first time with poor shoe choices. It was kind of a bummer with all the rain lmao. Still fell in love though. Will know for next time.

    2) I actually imagined – movie style – the moment you saw Jacopo at your signing. Romantic!

    3) Love the kisses at the end. I’d love to learn more about you two as a couple!

  5. Stunning look and a perfect choice for Paris! :) Also, you two are adorable, so cute that he surprised you at the book signing event! Speaking of which, I started reading your book yesterday and I’m totally hooked – amazing tips and such a lovely writing style! I just kept staring at the photos in the book, just like staring at art! :)

    Sabina |

  6. You guys are the cutest – those last two photos really stole the spotlight!

    You look fabulous as always – I love how you mixed different textures to create an interesting all black look

    Plus I cannot believe you guys ran a marathon!


  7. Hi, this is my first time reading your blog, and I have to say I enjoyed a lot this post. Love the mix of textures, and all in black. The shiny boots are the perfect match for a total black look. You look gorgeous! Great style!

  8. Welp, that explains how you’re able to eat all that delicious food during fashion month and not gain a pound, haha, 10k before the show!? That’s awesome! That was incredibly romantic for him to surprise you and to do it at your book signing, too :) You look beautiful as always; I love that jacket!