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Slip Dressing During New York Fashion Week


aimee_song_of_style_nyfw_vince_sweater_nini_lota_cami_dress_celine_bootsFeeling like the luckiest girl this fashion week because I have access to this amazing view from the terrace suite at 11 Howard Hotel! During my down time I’ve been lounging outside enjoying the scenery of the city and obviously having a few dance sessions (like in this video). I’m so happy that the pajama look has been in recently because it makes it so easy to relax when you get back–you don’t even have to change! Slip dresses have become a second skin, super comfy and chic. I love to pair them with a heel or dressier shoe so that I don’t literally look like I’m rolling out of bed. Here I paired my Nili Lotan slip dress (maxi version here) with a Vince Cardigan, and Celine boots (similar and more affordable here).aimee_song_of_style_nyfw_nini_lota_dress_celine_bootsaimee_song_of_style_nyfw_nini_lota_dress_vince_cardigan_celine_bootsaimee_song_of_style_nyfw_vince_cardigan_nini_lota_dressNot only is there this amazing view, but my hotel also has the absolute best avocado toast and smoked salmon bagel, which has basically been my whole fashion week diet. So it’s safe to say they have been my favorite stay in NYC. Their lounge (The Library) on the second floor has been my other favorite place to take a break especially because they serve coffee all the time. aimee_song_of_style_nyfw_vince_cardiganaimee_song_of_style_nyfw_vince_cardigcan_nini_lota_dressGuys, also! This Thursday (tomorrow!!!) September 15th, I’m doing a book signing at the 59th St. Bloomingdales in NYC. If you purchase $100 of Laura Mercier products you’ll get a copy of Capture Your Style and a photo with me! If you can’t wait until tomorrow, you can pre-order and book an appointment to get your makeup done by a Laura Mercier artist by calling 212.705.2505 aimee_song_of_style_nyfw_nini_lota_dress_vince_cardiganaimee_song_of_style_nyfw_vince_cardigan_nini_lota_cami_dress_celine_bootsaimee_song_of_style_nyfw_nini_lota_cami_dressaimee_song_of_style_nyfw_11_howard_nini_lota_dressThis hotel room is seriously goals. I feel like a princess!aimee_song_of_style_nyfw_nini_lota_cami_dress_vince_sweater

Nili Lotan dress (maxi version here)
Vince Cardigan
Celine boots (similar and more affordable here)


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  4. I love the way you styled this, the sweater looks so cozy…. But with that being said. I am getting a bit sick of the whole “slip dress look”, I know its SO in right now… I’m just ready for something new already, everyone is wearing this look rn and it’s not original anymore. With that being said… It DOES look great on you. Not trying to criticize you, I’m just a bit over this particular trend. | Luxury. Fashion. Lifestyle.


  5. I love that you are aiming for that “I just got out of bed look”! You look so beautiful and I love the way you’ve paired such a beautiful silk dress with a more slouchy and comfy sweater – the combination is a beautiful contrast!

    I’m glad you found the perfect avocado and toast! Your Instagram stories have shown us how much you love it!!!