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Aimee's look

Fringe top during NYFW

September 20, 2016 - 102 Comments

aimee_song_of_style_ganni_top_chloe_bag_ag_jeans_chanel_heelsObsessed with the cowgirl vibes going on from this Ganni tasseled silk shirt (similar here). I really couldn’t stop shimmying all day! I paired it with AG jeans (this is my second pair because I ripped the first ones doing squats. This is why I don’t exercise!) to keep it casual, and a pair of my new favorite Chanel satin pumps to dress it up a little bit at the same time. Also wearing gold plated Christie Nicolaides statement earrings (similar here) which have been my go-to lately, and Celine Sunniesaimee_song_of_style_ag_jeans_ganni_top_chloe_bag_chanel_heelsaimee_song_of_style_ganni_top_chanel_heels_ag_jeans_chloe_bagaimee_song_of_style_ganni_top_ag_jeans_chanel_heels_chloe_bagI wore this look to the Coach show, and when I got there, I got so excited to see my favorite characters from Stranger Things! Winona Rider and Eleven looked amazing I couldn’t stop staring and putting them on my snapchat lol. Of course the collection was so great too!aimee_song_of_style_ganni_top_ag_jeansaimee_song_of_style_chloe_bag_ganni_top_ag_jeansaimee_song_of_style_ag_jeans_chanel_heelsaimee_song_of_style_ag_jeans_ganni_top_chanel_heels_chloe_bagaimee_song_of_style_ganni_top_ag_jeans_chloe_bag_celine_sunniesaimee_song_of_style_ag_jeans_chloe_bag_ganni_topaimee_song_of_style_ag_jeans_chanel_heels_chloe_bag_ganni_top

Ganni tasseled silk shirt (similar here)
AG jeans
Chanel satin pumps
Christie Nicolaides earrings (similar here)
Celine Sunnies

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