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How to Wear White on White in Summer


aimee_song_of_style_hermes_camel_birkin_bagMy go-to summer outfits lately have been easy dresses and denim shorts but for a more professional occasion (even though ripped jeans aren’t so professional but in my field it might as well be!) I like to turn to blouses and pair them with white jeans because they seem less casual than blue jeans. My wrap blouse is from Helmut Lang (similar here and super affordable here) that I got several years ago and it still remains as one of my favorites. I always find that investing in classic pieces go a long way because they never go out of style like my blouse, the Birkin bag, and my two tone Celine heels. I actually got the Birkin used, but I don’t mind it because it’s still in amazing shape plus I still wouldn’t be able to justify getting a brand new one. Aimee_Song_of_Style_White_Helmut_Lang_Blouse_Hermes_Bag_Celine_Two_Tone_Sandals_White_JeansAimee_Song_of_Style_White_on_White_Brown_Belt_HermesIf you’re afraid of being too white (that sounded weird but you know what I mean) then throw in some brown details like styling your white on white outfit with a thick brown leather belt to break up the whiteness. Aimee_Song_Of_Style_White_Blouse_White_Jeans_Brown_Wide_Belt_Ahlem_Sunglasses_HermesAimee_Song_of_Style_Helmut_Lang_Wrap_Blouse_Ahlem_Concorde_SunglassesAnother favorite piece of mine that I’ve been wearing nonstop and been getting SO many questions about are my sunglasses which are the Ahlem Concorde Sunglasses. I’ve been wearing this for so long and it goes with every single outfit I have in my closet. No kidding. Sometimes, I just feel like I’m neglecting my other sunglasses so I’ll switch them out but I always go back to these. I’ve had them for awhile and now I see other people wearing them and I’m telling you, it’s such a universal shape. If you’re looking for an investment piece that you’d like to have forever and wear with everything, I say this is the one. Ray Ban also has a similar version that’s much more affordable. aimee_song_of_style_white_on_white_hermes_camel_birkin_handbag_celine_heelsaimee_song_of_style_helmut_lang_wrap_blouse_hermes_birkin_bag_ahlem_concorde_sunglasses

Helmut Lang Wrap Blouse (similar here and here)
Mango Buckle Belt (even more affordable here)
Levi’s White Boyfriend Jeans on sale (similar ones from Topshop and another pair for 50% off)
Celine Two Tone Sandals (affordable versions here and here)
Hermes Birkin Bag via SnobSwap


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  6. Too much white definitely is scary, mainly because I’m prone to getting it dirty. I love the tip of adding some brown to the outfit so it seems better and puts you a bit at ease.

    xo, XOIIEE | Life in Style

  7. Loving your all white look Aimee, so Michael Kors! I totally agree, those sunglasses are amazing and it’s worth investing in pieces you can wear over and over again! Btw, are you coming to LFW?

    Love from London,


  8. I love the white in summer, it is also my favorite color being perfect to wear in any ocasion.Me like as you have combined…

  9. I love how you’ve added the brown accessories into your all white look – adding a bit of colour, even if it’s just some tan ones, makes an all white look less intimidating and so much more classic! You look stunning and so elegant – perfect for summer!


  10. Yulia says on August 9, 2016

    I love that you styled white clothes with brown belt and shoes. For me, if the accesories were the same style, but black color, it would be a spring outfit. But brown accessories with white outfit feel really summer to me.


  11. I love this outfit. So classic, it never goes out of style. All white is a favourite of mine all year round, but especially in the summer since it is soooo freaking hot in Toronto and LA!


  12. Oh my i´m so in love with your sunglasses!! They´re just perfect! I definitely understand why you could wear them every day :)

  13. I just love an all-white outfit, especially with brown or camel or nude accessories! You look amazing. The wrap blouse is so chic, I totally need one!

    xx freshfizzle

  14. Great article. Love the stylish relaxed way you wear white and accessorise it. I’m off to get all my white pieces out of the closet !!! Thx

  15. Loving this whole ensemble! The brown accents really go well with the white & make it looks like such a summer vacation outfit!


  16. I love this look! I love white jeans and white tops, but they way you put them together with brown is just beautiful!

  17. Steffi K Jewelry says on August 8, 2016

    Love this look! So simple and chic! :)

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