Outfit Song of Style

Black Pants and Bustier Crop Top


aimee_song_of_style_ministry_of_style_black_bustier_two_songs_amour_tee_gold_necklaceTwo Songs Amour Tee, Ministry of Style black bustier (similar here and affordable version here), Joseph black straight leg trousers, J.W. Anderson Bag, Senso Mules (on sale!), Celine Sunnies

If you’ve seen my previous youtube video, you know I’m not ready to give up on my summer clothes just yet! I’ve been all about layering summer pieces these days. Wore this to a business meeting and these Joseph trousers are one of my favorite recent purchases (also similar on sale)aimee_song_of_style_ministry_of_style_black_bustier_two_songs_amour_teeAimee_song_of_style_black_crop_bustier_layered_over_tee_celine_sunglassesWearing my initial necklace from Louis Vuitton, Cartier necklace as well as Dani’s Veritas necklace. aimee_song_of_style_ministry_of_style_black_bustieraimee_song_of_style_jw_anderson_bag_black_trousersaimee_song_of_style_ministry_of_style_black_bustier_two_songs_amour_tee_jw_anderson_bagaimee_song_of_style_ministry_of_style_black_bustier_two_songs_amour_tee_black_trousers_mulesaimee_song_of_style_wo_songs_amour_tee_ministry_of_style_black_bustieraimee_song_of_style_jw_anderson_bag_black_trousers_ministry_of_style_bustieraimee_song_of_style_jw_anderson_bag_black_trousers_mulesaimee_song_of_style_ministry_of_style_black_bustier_black_trousers_two_songs_amour_tee

Two Songs Amour Tee
Ministry of Style black bustier (similar here and affordable version here)
Joseph black straight leg trousers
J.W. Anderson Bag
Senso Mules (on sale!)
Celine Sunnies

photos by Nicholas Pak


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  1. Aimee,

    I remember being able to buy crop tops with the simple promise to my mom I would wear them over button down shirts haha! I love that this trend is coming back in style because it gives me a fashion do-over to style my tops a little differently. The black and white immediately reads sophistication, love this look!



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  3. You’re such an inspiration. As a male, I’ve always wanted to do a fashion blog for men so I was curious to know if you had any advice on how to start it up.

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  5. I adore how you’ve brought your summer clothes into fall – I especially love how effortless it all looks with that one sleeve just coming down! It’s so easy yet polished.

    Gorgeous look as always!


  6. Thakn you for an inspiration, Aimee. I think every girl has this kind of troubles when the season changes!

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  8. The J.W.Anderson Bag is growing on me so so much!! I’ve been a super big fan of the black-white version, but the all black one you have is wonderful too!!♥ Decisions…
    Anyway, super beautiful look and such a cute way to transition Summer pieces into fall!

    Love from Tokyo,

  9. You all know I have this thing with laced and gladiator sandals… I am usually not the person, who buys different variations of one kind and I keep my closet pretty clear. But when my best friend and I were strolling through the paths of Oia in Santorini lately


  10. I love love this dress!! thank you Zara you always surprise me., even though my current style is monochrome and basic pieces, the embroidery dress is not something new in my wardrobe, but something new here in my blog!


  11. Maria Geronico says on August 31, 2016

    The outfit is just gorgeous! I love this kind of clothes that I can wear at the office.

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