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Top 10 Mini Handbags


top_10_minibags_3I’ve been loving mini handbags lately, especially during my busy travel season so I’ve rounded upsome of my favorites. Some are as low as $120 (also don’t forget about that big Nordstrom sale coming up)
1. Golden Goose
2. Chloe
3. Pixie Market
4. Rebecca Minkoff
5. Pamela V
6. Hoss Intropia
7. Rebecca Minkoff
8. Ganni
9. Alexander Wang
10. Mango


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  2. They are all beautiful. Even though Chloés Faye bag is my absolute favorite, I still think the one from Mango (nr 10) looks so pretty.
    Mini handbags are so perfect for summer!

  3. I seriously need number 4 – the Rebecca Minkoff. Absolutely beautiful. I feel like I need a new bag, but I don’t neeeeeeed one. I just want one. I have been on a tight budget for nearly a year and it is killing me. :(