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Off The Shoulder Ruffle Top in Venice, Italy


aimee_song_anna_october_off_the_shoulder_ruffle_top_ag_jeans_schutz_sandals_gucci_bagI fell in love with Venice, Italy and fell in love with my Italian again. I stayed in Venice for about a week and it was the most magical trip. Having Jacopo Moschin aka my personal Italian guide definitely made it much more special! Although I’ve heard from numerous people that a few days in Venice is perfect, I didn’t think a week was enough! aimee_song_of_style_red_ruffle_top_venice_italyIt was a gloomy day that rained on and off but that made it that much more magical! I’m wearing the prettiest Anna October ruffle topaimee_song_gentlemonster_sunglasses_anna_october_red_ruffle_top_venice_italyaimee_song_of_style_venice_gentle_monster_sunglasses_anna_october_top_ag_jeans_schutz_sandalsaimee_song_of_style_red_ruffle_off_the_shoulder_top_ag_jeans_celine_earringsaimee_song_anna_october_off_the_shoulder_ruffle_top_ag_jeans_schutz_sandals_veniceaimee_song_anna_october_off_the_shoulder_ruffle_top_ag_jeans_schutz_sandals

Gentle Monster Sunglasses
Anna October Off The Shoulder Ruffle Top (affordable version here and here)
Gucci Dionysus Bag
Schutz flats
Celing earrings
AG Jeans Ripped Jeans


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  1. What a cute ruffle top! I actually think rain in Venice sometimes is great since the streets become much cleaner and the city smells much better. I have the best memories of Venice as well!

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  2. It’s such a nice view behind the background such a nice place to visit and you gave it
    a perfect match to your dress with the background color I loved the sunglasses which you
    weared they look perfect on you one week stay in a city like venice is not going to work.

  3. Love your off the shoulder top, and one week in Venice does not seem enough!!! I’m also really liking how you edited your photos this time, and your boyfriend takes really nice pictures :)


  4. I am so obsessed with the blouse!! The colour is just absolutely perfect for you! And the shoes and the Gucci Dionysus are just so stunning!

  5. Gorgeous outfit and gorgeous photos – the ruffled off-the-shoulder looks (to my untrained but imaginative eye) so very Venetian!

  6. Beautiful pictures an I really adore the ruffle top. I visited Venice three times, but still love the city. If you like to shop there, you should visite Mestre. It’s lovely as well.

  7. OMG loooooove these pictures – you look amazing, babe!!
    I’m also in love with cold shoulder tops, but haven’t got my hands on a red one..maybe that will change soon ;)

    xxx and all the best from Berlin,


  8. I love your outfit, and for some reason your outfit brings out the background…..beautiful…..The shirt is awesome and i love the colors

    Tasha Maci
    Fashion, Make-up, and Me Boutique
    Join live business event on 6/18/16 at 7pm

  9. Love that top! And the red makes the little bit of red in the sandals pop! Love those sandals!!

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  13. That top is stunning! Actually the whole outfit head to toe is stunning, those shoes are gorgeous also ! Its such a casual outfit thats paired with great accessories! X

  14. This is gorgeous! Amazing inspiration for my trip to Venice soon!

    You look fabulous and I love the neck scarf as a choker, one of my favourite things to do!

    Plus, red really suits your tan!


  15. Wow! You are so gorgeous and I love that top! I hope you had an amazing time in Venice. It’s beautiful!

  16. Okay but this burgundy top is amazing! I am so in love with it and the ruffled details along the top. It lays so perfectly and I like the fit on you. I thought it was great that you styled this top with a cool pair of jeans and sandals for a more casual look. Not only that, but your Gucci bag was the perfect accessory for this outfit. I hope you are enjoying every second in Italy!

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  18. Marilenis Waldron says on June 28, 2016

    The combination of this outfit makes a rainy day enjoyable! Sometimes dressing for the weather of the day will create a much different experience than usual!

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  22. The way your outfit matches the vibrancy and hustle-bustle of the environment is so refreshing! The colour of that top is to die for!!



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